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Sunday, August 31, 2008

We're Late For Class - # 31 Transmissions Vol. 2: The LSD Sessions (USA, April 2008)

Some more free improvised stuff by our old friends WE'RE LATE FOR CLASS.
An outtake from "Transmissions Vol. 2: The LSD Sessions", called "Pregnant Tight Rope Walker In Santa Ana" is to be found on the 2nd Homemade-Lofi-Psych Sampler HLFP 02 "EMBRYO THOUGHTS".
That session is a litte short, but "... we thought each of these improvisational jams were about 30 minutes long." (WLFC) Hmmmm... I wonder why?!
Read more here.

WE'RE LATE FOR CLASS - # 31 Transmissions Vol. 2: The LSD Sessions (2008)
(mp3 zip, 3 tracks, 47,7 MB, 19 min)
Get it here (megaupload) or here (easyshare).

Leonel Garcia - Wooden Flower, Water And Air (2007 Puerto Rico, re-recorded version)

I downloaded this record some time ago from ChrisGoesRock, but somehow had forgotten how good it is.
Then LEONEL GARCIA suprised me with a brillant song, called "Neurogenesis (First Thoughts)", for the second HOMEMADE-LOFI-PSYCH SAMPLER HLFP 02 "EMBRYO THOUGHTS", and it was then that I realized I surely had to check out more of his stuff...
LEONEL GARCIA from Puerto Rico is yet another one of those guys who writes and records alone at home in on his own equipment in true homemade-lofi spirit. He usually plays every instrument and publishes web-only-release albums year after year. And pretty good stuff is among it, mostly in neo-psychedelic style, but he surely isn't confined to only one musical direction.
It's hard to pick out single songs from that album here to discuss them, because they all are very good. Anyway, my favourite tracks are: "Fuzzy Toys of Old", "Pipe Riders" and "Madcap", but the complete album is well worth a listen – and a very good example for contemporary neo-psychedelic music, that does not try to simply copy old psychedelic sounds, but succeeds in creating something uniquely new.
This here is the re-recorded version. The original version will be available for download  here in the near future or go and check it (and more of Leonel's albums) out at his own blog.

LEONEL GARCIA - Wooden Flower, Water And Air (2007 re-recorded version)
(mp3-zip, 10 tracks, 40 min, 58,1 MB, artwork incl.)
Get it here (easyshare) or here (megaupload). 

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ancients - Paeans & Odes (unfinished; work in progress; UK)

Here is the rough mix of the unfinished album "Paeans & Odes"of the ANCIENTS, one of the projects of MICHAEL DUST DEVIL. You can read more about Michael, the ANCIENTS and singer PATRICK HURST in the liner notes of the 2nd Homemade-Lofi-Psych Sampler HLFP 02 "EMBRYO THOUGHTS"On CD1 of HLFP 02 you will find the great electric version of "Son Of Albion", a very powerful opener! Different from that version, the first half of the songs presented here are played mainly acoustic and so a very intimate atmosphere is created. Great songs!
Check out Michael's site to read more.

ANCIENTS - Paeans & Odes (unfinished)
(mp3 zip, 17 tracks, 52 min, 109 MB)
Get it here or here.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


It's been a long time coming... And here it is:


– A mind blowing collection of inner and outer space snapshots of different kinds –

Get it here (new link January 2010)
or here, here or here (new links February 2012 w. slightly improved artwork.)
(mp3 zip of 2 CDs; 20 tracks, 175,9 MB, 123 min, art + info incl.)!

CD 1
01. ANCIENTS - Son Of Albion (3.50)
02. STOLLE & MEMBER - Wellen (mixed & edited) (9.55)
03. LEONEL GARCIA - Neurogenesis (First Thoughts) (4.20)
04. T.H.U.M.B. - Jorgen's Shit Song (3.48)
05. SZBUTÄ SORÖH - Womb Of My Mind (6.23)
06. DANNY SPACECAT - The Probe (3.26)
07. GLAZE OF CATHEXIS - Drifting Concepts (5.08)
08. ATLANTIC DRONE - Muddy 'ol Sea (6.40)
09. WE'RE LATE FOR CLASS - Pregnant Tight Rope Walker in Santa Ana (4.10)
10. ANYONE'S DREAMCOLOUR - Embryo Thoughts (3.59)
11. THIS LOVE IS DEADLY - My New Favourite Need (4.52)

CD 2
01. JAY MATTHEWS - Dreams (2.19)
02. EPHEMEROL - embryO dreamS oF (10.00)
03. MAURICE RICKARD - Macbeth 1 (6.17)
04. TRUE COLOUR OF BLOOD - In My Next Life I'm Coming Back As A Field Of Poppies (7.23)
05. THE WIG MUSEUM - Future Daze (2.55)
06. TORSTN KAUKE - Not Like Always (pt. 1-4) (8.26)
07. DREAMCOLOUR - Dreamshow (edit) (9.58)
08. CATASTO ELETTRICO - Beta Centauri (9.14)
09. RADAGAST PROJECT - Re:birth (edit) (10.00)

Quite a collection! I think there are some absolutely outstanding tracks on HLFP 02! What a variety of sounds, but "EMBRYO THOUGHTS" is nevertheless good for a suprisingly fluent, coherent listening experience.
I gotta say, I'm quite happy with the great resonance. There is an internationality of musicianship to be found here, that really makes me proud (we have artists from Germany, USA, the United Kingdom, Italy, Brazil...), though I really would have liked to hear something from JAPAN, KOREA and... But maybe next time. LOFI PSYCH HEADS UNITE!
THANKS to everyone involved in assembling HLFP 02!
And a special THANK YOU to torstn kauke for inspiring this special collection of psych/experimental songs!


BLOGGERS: Feel free to repost this sampler, but please tell me about it, and please use the original links as long as possible!

More info is to be found in the comments!

So READERS: 20 bands created a song and did their best to reach you, and to comfort you. They are giving their songs to you freely! So now it's your turn to leave a comment and give them the applause they deserve... Thanks!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

RE-UP: Orange (Family Tree) - "Magic Spell" Variations

"Magic Spell" Variations
5 variations of a song.
(mp3 zip, 5 tracks, 31 min, 42,9 min)
Get it here (link is dead, needs a re-up - anyone interested?)!

1. ANYONE'S DREAMCOLOUR - Magic Spell (original demo version, 1992); 4 track analog) (4:11)
2. ORANGE - Magic Spell (acoustic version; live unplugged session), Mainz 12-31-1993) (6.11)
3. ORANGE - Magic Spell (extended demo version); basic tracks recorded Frankfurt a. M., Bunker, 4 track analog 05-30 + 06-01-1994 with overdubbs added later; remixed by mike-floyd) (7.35)
4. ORANGE - Magic Spell/Rockwork Orange (live), Abensberg Open Air Festival, Germany, 07-09-1995; soundboard) (10.03)
5. POET ZERO - Magic Spell (acoustic live session) for RADIO X, Vanille Club, Frankfurt a. M.; Radio Broadcast 09-17-2002) (3.10)

"Magic Spell" is a perfect example for selfmade acid punk.
The song was written and first recorded as a demo by ANYONE'S DREAMCOLOUR, the solo project of former CLOUD NINE (& THE VITAMIN C) bassist Mike S., in 1992 and later recorded and also performed live many times by ORANGE. Many different versions exist on tape. While the early ANYONE'S DREAMCOLOUR version is more in the style of THE FEELIES perhaps, most ORANGE versions are pure acid punk with lots of fuzz guitar, feedback and psychedelic effects like backward voices, that create a strange mysterious atmosphere.
"Magic Spell" was often played as the last song at ORANGE concerts around 1993/1994, followed sometimes only by the minimalistic "Rockwork Orange", based on a repetitious bass riff from "Magic Spell" (and that continued on some occasions – in SOFT MACHINE-We-did-it-again-avantgarde-style – for over sixty minutes!).
POET ZERO was/is the post ORANGE solo project of former ORANGE guitarist Maxim Engl. This version here is taken from an one hour live solo performance, that was broadcast on RADIO X in Frankfurt a. M., Germany, in 2002. At the end you can hear a quote from the beginning of ORANGE's psychedelic Opus magnum "Neil's Elevator".

(music & lyrics by Mike S. (c) 1992)

I came to know a girl, she says she knows me well
She lives up that road some place I cannot tell
That girl, she lives there in a darkened room
with alligator teeth, the smell of old perfume

That girl I know, she says she's been through hell
She's playing with cards, knows all the magic spells
I'm sure I've seen her in another place
with eyes bright shining in her witch's face

Maybe you know her, maybe you know her
Maybe you know her, maybe you know her...

That girl I know is into magic things
I listen to her and I can spread my wings
She helps my mind to fly through time and space
Nothing but soul exists beneath the haze
(Nothing but soul exists beneath the haze...)

Maybe you know her, maybe you know her
Maybe you know her, maybe you know her
Maybe you know...


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Toy Release of THE RESIDENTS Toys and Art Show

IF YOU ARE around the New York City area on August 22...

THE SHOWROOM NYC (117 Second Ave – (212) 673-5424) is having a TOY RELEASE (for THE RESIDENTS Toys STEVEN CERIO designed, based on SF's legendary psychedelic eyeballs for Toy Tokyo) and an ART SHOW with Homer Flynn (Poreknow Graphics), Leigh Barbier and Steven Cerio.
The Opening will be FRI. AUGUST 22 from 7 pm to 11, and it will be attended by all 3 artists.

You should also check out STEVEN CERIO's fantastic psychedelic site!

Deadline TODAY:
CONTRIBUTE TO THE NEXT Homemade-Lofi-Psych-Sampler 

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

T.H.U.M.B. - Overloaded Rock'n'Roll/Lunar Flight (IT 2003/2004)

T.H.U.M.B. is an Italian band consisting of Bokal (bs, voc, synth), The Zmudah (g, voc) and Liz (dr), that plays stoner rock with space and psych elements. Until now they had two cd releases: "OVERLOADED ROCK'N'ROLL" (2003) and "LUNAR FLIGHT" (2004). Visit their site to read more.
Their second release is the more psychedelic one and especially recommended to heavy psych freaks!
Thanks to Bokal for contacting me and making the two records available for everyone for free!

T.H.U.M.B. - Overloaded Rock'n'Roll (EP 2003)
(mp3 zip, 5 tracks, 43,9 MB, 19 min, artwork incl.)
Get it here or here.

T.H.U.M.B. - Lunar Flight (EP 2004)
(mp3 zip, 4 tracks, 33 MB, 19 min, artwork incl.)
Get it here or here.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Some Re-Ups: ORANGE IS IN; HLFP 01

Here are some Re-ups of deleted posts:

- ORANGE IS IN: Another Lame Semi Tragedy (USA 2006) (TX-Rock; more info here)
- HLFP 01: "Relax And Float Downstream" (The first homemade-lofi-psych-Sampler: a bizarre collection of ambient and instrumental psychedelic tracks for your enjoyment! More info here.)


Orange Is In - Come And Take It (US 2007)

George Kovacik sent me a link and asked me to post the second album of ORANGE IS IN from Texas, USA. So here we go!
"Come And Take It" was recorded in 2007 and is still available at CD Baby, so if you like the band, please support those guys and buy it there.

"ORANGE IS IN brings together a variety of disparate influences – including 60's pop, 80's post punk and rootsy Texas rock – to create a sound that is uniquely their own. It is energetic rock with a decidedly mature sensibility. In true Texas fashion 'Come And Take It' ... dares listeners to leave the pop music herd behind and head for the greener pastures of hard-driving American rock..." (Quote from: CD Baby)
This of course ain't psychedelic music!

ORANGE IS IN - Come And Take It (2007)
(mp3-zip, 6 tracks, 27 min, 35,9 MB)
Get it here or here or buy it at CD Baby.

The first ORANGE IS IN cd is still available for download here.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Andrew Bland - Paper Fences (US 2006)

PAPER FENCES started as a project in October 2005 as Andrew Bland and Matt Comegys (aka Dr. Schluss) wanted to try making music together for the first time in a few years. Soon they were joined by some fellow musicans to help them out and add some more colour. Stylisticly somewhere between psych-folk and improvised experimentalism this 2cd work comes out as a very nice, quite relaxing, psychedelic homemade piece of art. I especially like the occasional trumpet playing (by Rob Cash), that makes this music sound like nothing else that I've heard up until now. Recommended listening!

Don't forget to check out Dr. Schluss' other muscial adventures with

ANDREW BLAND's web page: here.
Also available for download: ANDREW BLAND AND STEVE LOGEL - ZONOHEDRA (USA 2007)

(mp3 zip, 32 tracks, 98 min, 172,9 MB)
Get it here.
All songs - of course - copyright Andrew Bland 2006 (c)
(Some corrections were done upon request by Andrew. This new version also omits the bonus trax by Matt Comegys.)

Friday, August 1, 2008

The Wig Museum - House Of Toucan (UK 2006)

Another PSYCHEDELIC GEM by an until now unknown one-man-band, called THE WIG MUSEUM, based somewhere in provincial UK. Marvin, the man behind the project, has played and recorded with various bands over the last 20 years and THE WIG MUSEUM is his solo project.
"House of Toucan" was recorded in 2006 in a humble basement studio – and is a great piece of art, believe me! There's lots of mood swings and influences range from film soundtracks/weird cinema to inner and outer space travels in the style of 70s krautrock or various psych bands of older times. The overall atmosphere is quite nightmarish, surreal in a filmic sense, reminding of horror movie soundtracks as well as of STEREOLAB harmony pieces, only to be interrupted by explosions of noises, backward loops and scary sound effects. This is PSYCHEDELIC in its true meaning: mind expanding!

"... They come surfing a mondo wave of electric piano riffs and crying trumpets, laden with phantastic sights and sinister sounds from the bendiest corners of the universe. Please feel free to enter my wigwam. Pull up a cube, slip into something more comfortable, and watch your screaming mind as it drips to the floor. Soon you may see sphericals, skyangles, triangles and evil rhomboid faces; you may hear bells, sirens, explosions and even screams – do not be alarmed. Just take a deep breath and keep repeating 'it's only The Wig Museum... only The Wig Museum... only The Wig Museum...' "

Nothing more to add. DOWNLOAD THIS TREAT!!!
Enjoy and don't forget to visit Marvin's great psychedelic blog!

THE WIG MUSEUM - House Of Toucan (UK 2006)
(mp3-zip, 10 tracks, 31,4 MB, art incl.)
1. Sleep
2. Night Of Shame
3. Hunchback Thrash
4. French Spy
5. Life In Bulgaria
6. Mandalay Sun
7. Theme From The Acid Killers
8. Saxon Creche
9. Secret Petal Of Fear
10. Wake up

Get it here or here or here!
(New links November 2012)