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Monday, March 3, 2014

Re-Up by request: Mr. Dean - il Grande (IT 2009)

"this is my last "solo-mad-lonely at home with EXTREMELY low budget-album" but although his hundreds of thousends of flaws, i think it sounds pretty nice. -- i'm a semi-professional (whatever means) musician playing alternative and tradional rock with my band in italy, but from time to time i can't help trying to find other ways to approach music/sound. -- by myself, i've always recorded improvisations. every single track and every word of this record are improvisations. -- instruments: acoustic guitar, 10euros and 10 years old and half broken audio equipment, mac. -- the album is, of course, in italian. i'm afraid it loses a lot of meaning if you don't understand it, but, who cares about meaning anyway."
(Mr. Dean, 2009)

I sadly don't speak Italian - so I've got no idea what MR. DEAN is singing about, but maybe that's not really that important (B.t.w.: Of course the artists featured on HLFP alone are responsible for lyrical and musical content of their work posted here!). Anyway: What surely comes through, is that this is very intense music - and that is pretty cool, if you want my opinion. Most of the songs are rather simple regarding the arrangements: mostly only one or two guitars - acoustic or electric - and a voice singing or screaming or moaning or whispering... But often there is something slightly weird going on, an unexpected twist or some unusual tuning or whatever - something that make those songs a little ... hmm, weird. Some kind of experimental lofi approach, and I really love that. Enjoy!

Favourite tracks: 'Spettri' and 'Bisonte'

Mr. Dean - il Grande (IT 2009)
(mp3-zip, 12 tracks, 45 min, 60,9 MB, front cover incl.)
Get it here (new link)!