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Monday, August 3, 2009

Cabinet of Natural Curiosities - Searchlight Needles (USA 2009)

"CABINET OF NATURAL CURIOSITIES, based in Missoula, MT and Brooklyn, NY, is the project of songwriter Jasmine Dreame Wagner, who collaborates with a rotating cast of musicians in both cities. The music is sparse, wistful, psychedelic-tinged americana with elements of electronica and dark ambient sound. CABINET's albums are completely handmade -- home-recorded, hand-stamped and assembled." (Xavier from CONC / For Arbors / For Satellites)

'Searchlight Needles' was recorded over 2007 and 2008 and released in 2009.

"Founded in 2005 by songwriter and visual artist Jasmine Dreame Wagner, Cabinet of Natural Curiosities weaves a tapestry of cinematic ballads and soundscapes from threads of folk and electronica. Performed by an evolving cast of artists and musicians, Cabinet’s haunting folk chants, noise instrumentals and ghost stories rise and fall from field recordings, acoustic and electric guitars, alto and tenor recorders, xylophone, keyboards and percussion..." (press info)

Gentle, intimate folk songs played on acoustic guitar with added ambient, sometimes electronic, sounds; at times quite disturbing, often there's something menacing underneath the peaceful atmosphere – excellent music!

Reminds me slightly of late 60ies UK folk Jazz band THE PENTANGLE in places (e.g. vocals on 'Black Water')

Favourite tracks: 'Glass' and 'For Sparrow'




In addition to “Searchlight Needles,” Cabinet’s full length handmade CDr, “Vineland,” and CDr EP, “Glass v Grass” are available from For Arbors / For Satellites. Check 'em out (at http://www.cabinetofnaturalcuriosities.com) and PLEASE SUPPORT THE ARTIST.

Cabinet of Natural Curiosities - Searchlight Needles (USA)

(mp3-zip, 10 tracks, 96,3 MB, 53 min)

Sorry, no longer available!

Check out for downloads


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