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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Cloud Nine & The Vitamin C - Evolution of a psychedelic Band (5) (GER. 1990)

  • In 1990 Peter Schupp, former guitarist of CLOUD NINE & THE VITAMIN C, had been replaced by Andy Schulz, who had quite a different style, though no less "psychedelic" than Peter – probably a little bit more uncontrolled with lots of wah wah and using more effects pedals and feedback... Also new in the line-up (CNVC # 5 already) was a very young drummer, Peter "Fuchs" Gündling, who did quite a good job.
  • Live the band in 1990 performed a couple of new songs, that showed a clear progress in songwriting.
  • First of all we have "Draw Down the Distance", for the next few years the central piece of every performance of CNVC and later CLOUD NINE and also the highlight of the CLOUD NINE demo 1992. Just like the take-off part at the end of "Survivor" this new song could go in any direction, when the band started to improvise after the 2nd verse. Just compare the two versions here and notice how different they are! Some later versions lastet for nearly 20 minutes... 
  • Another strong new song was "Empty & Cold", with a basis guitar riff reminding slightly of QUICKSILVER MESSENGER SERVICE, another song, that often featured long instrumental improvisations.
  • What makes that Bürstadt-gig so special is that CNVC not only played those two songs for the first time and in very long versions, but also – of course – that it was the first gig ever with Andy and Fuchs with the band. Another "special" is the one-of "Boogie Jam", completely improvised on the spot, featuring a friend of Andy's, called Olex, who was a big fan of HOWLIN' WOLF and other ol' blues men – and one can definitly hear that: I mean, that guy sounds like CAPTAIN BEEFHEART and plays harp like PIG PEN!
Cloud Nine & The Vitamin C - Official Bootleg Archives Vol. 7 - 8
(live 1990, mp3 zip of 2 CDR, 18 tracks, 206,2 MB, 157 min)
Vol. 7
1. Last Night - 5.44
2. I'm Lost - 6.20
3. Car Car - 3.26
4. Black Queen - 12.29
5. Rainfrontier - 4.02
6. Draw Down The Distance - 15.59
7. Angel Of Mine - 5.35
8./9. Tracks of My Tears (edit) - 6.20
10. Survivor - 17.17
Vol. 8
1. Empty & Cold - 12.13
2. Boogie Jam - 15.36
3. Sing A Song - 10.04
4. Black Queen - 12.46
5. Rainfrontier - 4.13
6. Draw Down The Distance - 13.37
7. Angel Of Mine - 4.58
8. Tracks Of My Tears - 5.50
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Anonymous said...

Die "Survivor"-Version ist wirklich ein Highlight!