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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Anyone's Dreamcolour - Opel Opera - Dadaistische Oper in 3 Akten (GER. 1994)

When I started this little blog here, one of the first posts was "Rosemarine", an excerpt from the LOFI- PSYCH-DADA-OPERA "OPEL OPERA - Dadaistische Oper in 3 Akten" by ANYONE'S DREAMCOLOUR, the homemade lofi psychedelic project of Mike S. (from ORANGE and earlier CLOUD NINE & THE VITAMIN C – two bands most of the regular blog readers here will probably know by now). Postings of "IT'S SO COLD OUT HERE IN SPACE" (1996) and "ACID DAZE" (1992) followed recently. Today it's time for ANYONE'S DREAMCOLOUR's third major work.
So now here it is: the complete thing in all its glorious lofi madness. What you get to hear (that is: if you dare) is a strange sound collage of various styles, ranging from spacy blues rock to hard rock snippets, experimental kraut psychedelia mixed with typewriter and radio noises, dog snarling and saxophone improvisations. There also is a theme ("Opel Opera Main Theme") that is repeated in different variations (reminding of ZAPPA's "Uncle Meat" concept), one time for example played as a pseudo reggae (Jamacian Opel") and another time in a mean grunge parody, DINOSAUR-JR.-style ("Dinosaur Opel").
This "Opera music" uses indeed all kind of different sounds, often in collage format, using every usable source imaginable. The lyrics are a mix of bad english, german and sheer dadaist nonsense. All songs were recorded in Mike's living room (see front cover!) on anaolog-4-track recorder in the time span of November 1992 'til June 1994.
A word about the Opera ... "concept": Go and sell back the painted Opel car ("Opel" is a well known car series in Germany) to the factory and throw the keyboard player out of the band... (Well, make of that whatever you will...)
(In order to keep the flow of the music and to avoid unwelcome splits between tracks, I joined together some of the songfragments, when converting the audio tracks into mp3s.)

ANYONE'S DREAMCOLOUR - OPEL OPERA (Dadaistische Oper in 3 Akten) (1994)
(mp3 zip, 36 min, 16 tracks, art and lyrics incl.)
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