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Friday, February 20, 2009

AUX Festival line-up, Athens, GA. on Saturday, Feb. 21

AUX Festival line-up announced

Features Dark Meat, Andrew Rieger of Elf Power, Page Campbell of Hope For agoldensummer 
Bill Doss of Olivia Tremor Control and Apples in Stereo, the Icy Demons, and more

The third AUX Festival will be held in Athens, Ga. on Saturday, Feb. 21.
The line up has just been announced, and it features venerable Athens musicians like Bill Doss, Andrew Rieger, Dark Meat, Page Campell, and more.  See below for the complete line up with times and venues.

AUX is curated by Heather McIntosh (The Instruments, Japancakes, Circulatory System), and is an organization in Athens devoted to the experimental music scene.

The Festival also features an Artist Market and Video Program, and is sponsored by Ideas for Creative Exploration, Little Kings, Cine, 
Flagpole Magazine, and Nuci's Space.  
Tickets are $5.

AUX 3 - Saturday, Feb. 21st, @ Little Kings and Ciné
3:00 Little Kings Dark Meat
3:30 Ciné Youth Movement Workshop
4:00 Little Kings GLASSPACKS
4:30 Ciné Killick
5:00 Little Kings A Horse is a Sphere
5:30 Ciné The Rectanglers
6:00 Little Kings Howling Jelly
6:00 Cine Video Program I
6:30 Ciné Our New Silence
7:00 Little Kings Dream Scene
7:30 Ciné Some Meat Out of the Eater
8:00 Little Kings Mercer Street
8:30 Ciné Lisa Yaconelli
Denise Posnak and Page Campbell
Julie Rothschild and Shawn Copeland
9:00 Ciné Video Program II
9:30 Ciné Maps and Transit
10:00 Little Kings Bill Doss presents the Flashcard Orchestra
10:30 Little Kings Brave New Citizen
11:00 Little Kings Spirit of the Falcon-XL
11:30 Ciné Medaglia d’Oro
12:30 Little Kings Icy Demons

Need more information?
Liz Lawson @ Deus Ex Machina Publicity

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