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Saturday, September 16, 2023

RE-UP: The Battlemen - Call To Arms (LP mono version) (USA 2008)



Described to me as 'Psychedelic medieval rock' by JoDee Purkeypile (who is also a member of PLANET RYE CO). 'Call to Arms' by THE BATTLEMEN comes along as a great psychedelic garage album with surprising lyrics and themes, musically clearly rooted in mid/late-60ies psych-garage-punk and pop-psyke.

"The Battlemen are the electric minstrels of Bastrop, Texas. Forging a unique sound comprising garage rock, folk, blues, & jazz, the group released their debut album on Emerald Wood in December 2008. Among it's musical joys are the underground hit single "Psychedelic Moat", the fire-side gem "Fire Axe", the ridiculous romp of "Gigantic Spider", and the epic oddity "Demon in the Queen's Court". The band has yet to perform live in concert, but a show has been arranged for August, 2009. Visit the Battlemen on Myspace at: http://www.myspace.com/thebattlemen for further details. Until then enjoy the mono magic of CALL TO ARMS..."


'Psychedelic medieval rock'? ... aahm, wait a minute!

But then, why not? Remember THE PRETTY THINGS' psych masterpiece from 1968? Those guys were singing about burning balloons and Privates in a strange turn of the century war... So why not an album full of riding knights, magic axes, demons and witches? And what an album it is! At least some of these 11 songs should be on every psych head's play list.

Recommended (not only to fans of THE DUKES OF STRATOSPHEAR, NUGGETS, RUBBLE and the like)!

Favourite tracks: 'Witch of Colors' and 'Oubliette Blues'

The Battlemen - Call To Arms

(LP mono version) (USA 2008)

(MP3-ZIP, 11 tracks, 29 min, front cover incl., 65,3 MB)

Get it here (new link 2023-09)!

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