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Friday, February 6, 2009

Broderick Young - Florescent Light Fortina (USA 2007-8)

"Florecent Light Fortina" is BRODERICK YOUNG's first solo album, recorded mainly during 2007. He was a member of STYLISH HEADPHONES, MILADY, based in Texas, but when that band broke up Broderick found that he had some songs left over and he also wrote new ones.

"The whole idea initial was that it was a concept album, the concept being insanity from different angles. I recorded this at Chris' house (Chris (Daily) was one of the other members of the band mentioned previously. His stuff can be found here: http://barnyardmusic.blogspot.com) mostly. He has a nice mixer. Some of the songs were done on a four track, than overdubbed on the fancy mixer (...). Some of the Interludes were done at home with a microphone and audacity (a nice FREE audio mixing program), maybe a cheap live mixer. (...) When listening, I try to look for the freaks. I like what's now being called outsider music. I also like THE BEACH BOYS, PHIL SPECTOR, Punk (HALF JAPANESE and THE RAMONES especially), THE BEATLES, Jazz (SUN RA and MINGUS), DEERHOF, THE FLAMING LIPS, Brazilian music (OS MUTANTES and MF DOOM). (...)

I think my favorite BEATLE is GEORGE HARRISON, that might say something. (...)

I'm working on my new album in my college dorm room. It is exclusively keyboards and vocals. (...)For the one after that I might try full band. Also I'm interested in circut bending, so some of that might work its way in there." (B. Y.)

A very talented songwriter (though I probably wouldn't have used that VH sample...)! What strikes me most is Broderick's voice, reminding me of a young, charming LOU REED (especially VELVET UNDERGROUND time and early solo stuff; e.g. Limited Edition Sasquatch Bin and Perfect Monday). Recommended!
Favourite tracks: Ave Godzilla and Perfect Monday

Listen to more of BRODERICK YOUNG's music here.
Read more.

BRODERICK YOUNG - Florescent Light Fortina
(mp3 zip, 14 tracks, 37 min, 50,1 MB, artwork incl.)
Get it here or here.


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