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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Devita - Astralia (Lithuania 1998/2006)

This is the first part of a little series of albums I will upload (as usual with kind permission) by the Lithuanian experimental musician LUKAS DEVITA.

Enjoy the cosmic joys!

"LUKAS DEVITA is an underground musician and writer from Vilnius, Lithuania. He used to publish (...) articles on early psychedelic music in Lithuanian press and went on to be an active player and sound-searcher. Since 1989 Lukas Devita took the liberal course in music studies joining the eccentric group DINDA POLIMANTICA (one of the first Lithuanian bands to declare playing psychedelic rock).

With the bunch of original songs and covers Lukas started to perform solo and with accompanying musicians, but almost instantly he fell into the category of experimental music due to unusual songs, English language, and combination of acoustic songs with separate electronic or experimental instrumentals in his shows.

Lukas Devita attended some local cult festivals of avantgarde music playing his own material and jamming with the prominent musicians of experimental underground. As guitar player he was also invited to perform the piece for seven musicians, KARLHEINZ STOCKHAUSEN's Aus den 7 Tagen premier in Kaunas, in 1999.
Under the name DEVITA several instrumental albums were compiled and issued in hand-made manner. Last year Lukas Devita colaborated as one of the guests with the Norwegian post-rock psychedelic band SLEEPYARD." (info by L. D.)

DEVITA - Astralia (2006)
(mp3 zip, 11 tracks and 1 mpg-video, 59,5 MB, 30 min)
Get it here or here or here! (New links Jan. 2012)

"(the) debut album by one-man group DEVITA combines acoustic and naive electronic experiments as well as unearthly moods with some strange folk music feeling. The first part offers the free impressions of someone visiting the astral world. Second part is inspired by the idea of (a) mysterious secret base in Antarctica. - Includes the short video 'a'mena'". (L.D.)


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