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Monday, February 23, 2009

The Delta of Venus - Sinatrasaurus Vs. Caveman (Dance, Ape 'O!) (USA 2008)

"I truly love psychedelic music, and though i consider myself psychedelic, though probably more reserved than most of the artists on your page. I make recordings in my bedroom on a tascam 8 track..."

"The writing/recording was done between May 2008 and December 2008 with percussion on the tracks "How The Wind Was Beating Hard" and "Lower Than Low" being improvised by my friend Mike Baltzer on his Korg Electribe. I'm a 20 yr. old manish songwriter living in Minneapolis and I've been trying to be in a band since i could play, but up until now my recordings have been my main commitment. Mike is a songwriter from Pittsburgh who moved here last year and we've been trying to work together, so there might be a band in the future. Otherwise it's all me in the recordings. I use bongos, tables, tambourine and microphone taps for percussion. I use an epiphone dot and a danelectro 56 u3 and a little wee radioshack concertmate for the little keyboard sounds you hear. the less thrilling keyboard sounds probably come from my alesis micron which i recently got, but admittedly do not know how to really use it. I am profoundly influenced by Donovan, The Velvet Underground, The Beach Boys, Hoagy Carmichael, The Beatles, Cole Porter, Jerome Kern, Gilberto Gil, Serge Gainsbourg, Lee Hazlewood, Burt Bacharach, Of Montreal, The Kinks, Bob Dylan etc. I do have a page on myspace.com/loyaltyinspace, and I've written lots of new songs so i hope to get some recording done in the future. I really do consider my music psychedelic even though my influences are a bit outside of psychedelia, thankfully psychedelia is one of those sounds that easily digests different ones." (T. D. O. V.)

Most of THE DELTA OF VENUS' songs are rather short, rather sketches of songs, though there is a great indie-pop sensibility to them, and there are many impressive melodies to be found - some thing in common with GUIDED BY VOICES' earlier works (though musically a little more polished and much less aggressive). Truely uplifting, dreamy refreshing music. Eager to hear more!


THE DELTA OF VENUS - Sinatrasaurus Vs. Caveman (Dance, Ape 'O!)

(mp3 zip, 13 tracks, 30 min)

Get it here or here


RevRev said...

I find myself quite simply bowled over by the sheer numbers of top-notch talent and material that you present on this page. When I hear the work of the recording artists who send in their music I cannot help but shake my head in doubt a music industry which continually pats itself on the back with awards that only go to those machine laundered acts which the big labels own and spend millions publicizing. When the terms Best Album or Best Artist are applied to the industry's own studio creations I question how much consideration is even given to artists such as those you share with us. Why the "Best" enters into it is a whole separate discussion, but the annual winners of said award cannot hold a candle to the folks out there creating music away from LA and NYC. That is why I check your site daily when I never so much as listen to the commercialized crap that floods the airwaves. I cannot wait to hear this latest creation. Thanks for all your work in showing what talent really means.

mike-floyd said...

Thanks a lot RevRev for your comment!
I couldn't have said it any better.

sfw said...

this shit is sooo good