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Monday, September 22, 2008

Brian Andrew Marek - A Lion in the Sun (USA 2005/ed. 2008)

Here we go: Another work by BRIAN ANDREW MAREK, probably not extremely psychedelic or experimental, but more in the rock vein, this is nevertheless a fine album. If you're looking for the "more far out stuff" go and check out his "Indulgence" album below.

In the summer of 2005 "I fired up the (already obsolete) ADAT machine, chose some songs both old and new, and began the joyously painstaking task of recording a solo album. A SOLO album, for I am fully to blame for every instrument and every voice heard upon this recording. A solo ALBUM, because this was conceived as such, not as a serious of unrelated demos or experiments (...)
Please enjoy, and know that though I receive no monetary recompense, the right comment is more precious far than gold.

While I have prepared a MP3 version of the album for the convenience of those who don't want or aren't familiar with FLAC files, it suffers from the tiny glitches or drop-outs at track endings/beginning so common with crossfaded album encoded as separate MP3s (if there is workaround for this, please let me know (dito - mike-floyd) – I've never heard of one). For this reason I also encoded the album to FLAC so that listeners can be assured of a seamless (and higher fidelity) listening experience. I highly recommend taking the extra time to download the FLAC version." (BAM)

BRIAN ANDREW MAREK - A Lion in the Sun (Mp3 version; 2005/2008)
(mp3-zip, 16 tracks, 50 min, 113 MB)
Get it here.
Or in 2 parts here and here.

FLAC-version: Get it here!

Please note: Though I usually only post mp3 versions on this blog, I will make an exception to the rule for Brian Andrew this time.


Dharma Bummer said...
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Dharma Bummer said...

I've been adding new download links for some of my stuff because I've had a lot of feedback indicating not everybody has or wants to go to the bother of installing RAR on their computer, so I'm posting everything as a ZIP file. Also, in the case of "A Lion in the Sun", I'm adding another option for seamless burning - a single MP3 with a cue sheet. Enjoy!

Brian Andrew Marek - A Lion in the Sun (2005) (FLAC's)
Brian Andrew Marek - A Lion in the Sun (2005) (single MP3 + cue sheet)

Dharma Bummer said...

Brian Andrew Marek - A Lion in the Sun (2005) (single MP3 + cue sheet) ***NEW LINK***