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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Brian Andrew Marek - Then! (USA 1988-2005)/The Lair EP (2006-8)

BRIAN ANDREW MAREK sent me those two recordings to post them here. Let's read what he tells us about them:

"My name is Brian Andrew Marek and I am a singer/songwriter/multiinstrumentalist based in St. Louis, MO, USA. My past bands include ANGUS TWEED, ROCKET PARK and BARGAIN BASEMENT, and I am currently focused on a collaboration with my fiance Kate entitled THE VILLAGE GREEN PRESERVATION SOCIETY (http://www.myspace.com/tvgp).
Over the years, I've recorded literally hundreds of songs, under humble circumstances, often collecting them on homemade cassettes with titles like "Accept No Imitations", "Footnotes to the Footnotes" and "Fight for Your Right to Be Pouty" to give out to friends. Here are 22 of my favourites.
I have intentionally eschewed (a) cover songs, due to the requirements of the blog, (b) songs that I have rerecorded and released with a band, and (c) recordings by actual bands (although there are a few guest appearances).
Much of the weirder, more experimental stuff was ignored in favor of actual songs, but two of the best instrumental improvisations ("Reginald at the Beach" and "Waterfalls") made the grade.
Enjoy, and if you like what you hear, there's more where it came from! 

BRIAN ANDREW MAREK - Then! (1988-2005)
(mp3 zip, 174,9 MB, 22 tracks, 79 min, cover art incl.) 
Get it here (megaupload) or here and here (easyshare).

Some more music by Brian Andrew:

"Still more or less lo-fi, these songs were all recorded this year or last, and the overall sound is greatly improved. The nine homerecordings are rounded out with five rare live solo performances, bringing this EP to a respectable album length! Enjoy..." (BaM)

BRIAN ANDREW MAREK - The Lair EP (2006-8)
(mp3 zip, 14 tracks, 93,8 MB, 41 min, cover art incl.)
Get it here (megaupload) or here (easyshare).

I like that kind of stuff – well done homemade recordings, cool songwriting. Both records are well worth hearing, with the first one probably the more "psychedelic" one.
But we surely would also like to hear some more of the weirder and experimental stuff, I guess ... So Brian Andrew, you know what to do...!


revRev said...

Neighbors, I recommend without reservation Mr. Marek's music. His is a combination of artistry and craft such as comes along rarely, especially in this age of big corp media dominance. Here is a beacon of hope, such as only exists now because technology has developed to free us of the $$$ bondage in which we have allowed art to wallow. That said, screw "art," this stuff ROCKS! I have been listening over and over. HOT!

mike-floyd said...

Thanks for commenting, revrev!
I absolutely agree.

BaM said...

revrev, you're gonna give me a major label-sized big head! Thanks for the kind words.

mike-floyd said...

Good news for revrev and all the freaks eager to hear more of Brian Andrew's musical adventures:
The "weird stuff" has arrived!!! And it will be posted here soon...