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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Rocket Park - Teenage Folklore (USA 1999)

"On September 17th, 1999, ROCKET PARK released its first album by the time-honored tradition of the CD release party. Though the result of less than a year of recording (in fits and spurts), it felt to me like the culmination of years - nay, decades - of preparation, for though I'd been recording in various contexts for many a moon, I'd never really buckled down and produced a cohesive, album-length work. Eric Moore provided the kick up my ass, the cash and - last but not least - a bunch of awesome drumming to make it happen, and I thank him for all three.

Although Rocket Park would quickly become more of a band and less of a studio project, the free reign Eric gave me throughout the recording of this project made it a virtual solo album, albeit prominently featuring a drummer and lead guitarist who could bring the goods more readily than I. John Sebben, although pictured and credited, didn't really join the band until after the rhythm parts had been laid down, and by the time we recorded our next album, he was replaced by Dave Harris, whose arrival really helped define Rocket Park as a band (and whose departure led to a slow but decisive death for the group).

The music? Well, I suppose I was working towards a different ideal then. It's dense with sound, layered and highly produced, perhaps a bit too glossy and shiny for my current tastes, but I can't help a surge of pride and emotion when I listen. I was twenty-eight years old when the sessions began, impatient for my music to be heard, ready to go for broke. I think I did alright. Thanks again to Mike Martin (a great engineer who delivered exactly what was requested), Eric Moore (without whom...) and "Manik" Myk Thompson (not just for his blazing guitar lines, but for his wonderful cassettes that helped nudge me towards my current DIY approach to music)." (BAM)

Not much more to add. BRIAN ANDREW MAREK surely won't be a new name for you regular blog readers. Don't expect any spaced out psychedelia here (try THE VERTIGO SWIRL instead if you prefer the more psychedelic BAM) . "Teenage Folklore" is solid American rock music, no more and no less - no big surprises, but quite well done with a very clean production and excellent guitar playing. Though probably a little bit too mainstream for my personal taste regarding the song material and arrangements.

Check out Brian's older posts here, and also have a look at the RIDING THE RIFF post (and the comments) to learn more about Manik Myk, mentioned above.


Favourite track: 'Want'


Rocket Park - Teenage Folklore (1999)

(mp3-zip, 12 tracks, 47 min, 65,6 MB, artwork incl.)

Get it here or here!

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JAG Lopez said...

Many thankx for this. Nice psychedelic pop/rock music.

Congratulations for this fantastic site.