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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Another World of Beasts - HLFP Song Collection (SWED 2009)

ANOTHER WORLD OF BEASTS is the one-man krautrock-based music project by mattias from - as MySpace says - "antarctica" (in fact north of Sweden).

"been playing guitar since '95 maybe. began producing hiphop around '99 on my first computer. did that for two years or. -- bought a Zoom-mrs4 portable studio around '03, and began recording some guitar based psych and kraut, with computer drums, it all sounded shit, so pretty much just stopped with it. but kept on recording. produced hiphop some more, and changed my platform to computer alltogether. since, ive made alot of different types of music, some with friends, some by myself, and everything under various artist names. founded the hoax record label Terrorific Rekords '04, to be sort of a host for my musical output. -- and Another World of Beasts is my latest project for Terrorific Rekords."

"other projects:

The Beekeepers (band), Bring Out Your Dead, Cptn Love (band), The Foreign Offenders, Gift of Yahweh, Matt Réon, Miaz Laserquest, Mittens, The Poorhouse Accordionist, The Rapist, RWC-NWS, Schopenhauer, Seizur, Seth Boop, Silverarken (band), The Tango Magicians, The Tubefaces, The Unheard of, The Young Adults (band)"





Listening to ANOTHER WORLD OF BEASTS one can clearly hear a strong krautrock influence, namely of Cologne-based experimental band THE CAN. Especially on 'Bortlängtan' my favourite song: You get the Michael Karoli fuzz guitar and the hypnotic Holger Czukay bass lines and some far out singing, not too far away from the unintelligible mumblings of a stoned DAMO SUZUKI. This could easily be a son of 'Mother Sky'... And 'Under stjärnor' and 'Tillblivelsen' sound like a crossing between AMON DÜÜL II and again THE CAN...
If you don't mind the strong THE CAN reference and you're into experimental krautrock then wait no longer: This stuff will be perfect for you! In fact: It's strongly recommended!

Favourite track: 'Bortlängtan'

Another World of Beasts - HLFP Song Collection
(SWED 2009)
(mp3-zip, 4 tracks, 33 min, 45,7 MB, art incl.)

Apokalypsen - 11:42

Bortlängtan - 8:04

Tillblivelsen - 6:45

Under stjärnor - 6:18

Get it here or here!
Alternative Megaupload: here.

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like a blender of can smell together with eno's my life in bush of ghosts