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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Brian Andrew Marek - Utopian Flying Machines (USA 2009)

The latest release by BRIAN ANDREW MAREK, and again a very fine album, very much in a pop-psyche mode reminiscent especially of 2nd generation UK psych-pop bands/artists like CAPTAIN SENSIBLE, THE DUKES OF STRATOSPHEAR (= XTC) or even THE KINKS.

"Disconcertingly shaky, held together by duct tape and dreams but somehow managing to occasionally achieve flight, these are my "utopian flying machines" - 14 diverse tracks banged out in my basement over the last seven months at no small expense to my brain cells (not that I'm complaining). Recorded on the same old school Tascam reel-to-reel four track that produced "The Vertigo Swirl", this lastest batch of songs and sounds finds me yet again looting and pillaging all my favorite genres for an eclectic pop/rock blend lyrically covering such topics as love, death, work, politics, ghosts, Walt Winston, conspiracy theories and, of course, peanut butter toast and tea. As is often the case, my ambitions outstripped the facilities at my disposal, resulting in a murky, low fidelity echo of the classic rock productions I love - hopefully these sonic imperfections are more interesting than offensive to the listener. So here it is, a distorted aural snapshot of myself in 2009, unwashed and naked (but making funny faces here and there), setting off in my psychedelic airship. Enjoy the flight." (BAM)

Favourite track: 'Well, Winona'

Brian Andrew Marek - Utopian Flying Machines
(USA 2009)
(mp3-zip, 14 tracks, 106,7 MB, 46 min, artwork included)
Get it here!

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Brian Andrew Marek said...

Here's the latest from Brian Andrew Marek - "Car Crash": http://brianandrewmarek.bandcamp.com/album/car-crash

P.S. For a free download click the "buy now" link and "name your price" as $0. Unless, of course, you feel like throwing some money my way!