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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

5:12 - I'll never forget about you (USA 2009)

5:12 is Matthew Mann.

"I compose ambient/psychadelic/experimental music mostly through various computer programs, curcuit bending, my electrical keyboard and my trusty organ..."

"In the mass sea of dreams, I see a rocking horse. The most beautiful rocking horse. It's inner workings made of a pure velvet and gold. It illuminates my eyelids with it's taunting gestures. With every inhale I take, the rocking horse starts to fade, almost as if my memories were fading before me, tearing down like melting chocolate. The rocking horse eventually disapears and nothing is before me. It seems natural that nothing is before me so I forget all about the beautiful illuminating rocking horse. My memory has wiped it clean. I awake. The time is 5:12." (from 'Mass Sea Of Dreams', qouted from http://cllct.com/art/512)

Matthew Mann has recorded quite a number of albums in the last years under the name 5:12, and "I'll never forget about you" surely is a good starting point since it is a collection of his 14 "best" songs (in his opinion). The earliest recordings featured here are from 2006. Don't expect any mainstream electronic pop music. The songs are quite experimental and without a doubt very interesting, though one has to get used to Matthew's voice and singing style first which is rather special and somehow or other an acquired taste...

Matthew makes good use of atmospheric voice and ambient sound samples, and just like RANGERS he manages to create his own sound and so doesn't really sound like anybody else. And that is a very good thing!


Favourite tracks: 'Sinking Stand' and 'The Pandemonium Skyline'

5:12 - I'll never forget about you (USA 2009)

(mp3-zip, 14 tracks, 64 min, 58,9 MB)

Get it here or here!

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