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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

5:12 - But Falling Is Something We've Always Been Good At... (USA 2009)

5:12 is Matthew Mann from Independence, Missouri, a suburb of Kansas City, Missouri.

"I've been into music since the day i was released into the world. What would the world be without these uniqe sounds and stories that need to be told? I remember being 13 and getting a keyboard for christmas. I had a portable tape player I would carry around and record various sounds then mix together sounds from my keyboard with various everyday noise. Eventually I firgured out how to transfer my songs to a computer and I released my first (and very raw) album of just me and a keyboard in 2006. I would write all my own lyrics and make this music and eventually fit into CLLCT. Every since then I've been constantly finding new ways to make music. Even though I'm pretty new to the DIY scene, I still think my creativity is still worth hearing through my music. (...) There's nothing I love more than banging on a keyboard and sceaming and moaning my heart out. While I'm no musical genius I promise you'll never find a lack of passion or mood in my music. Passion is my middle name." (M.M.)

"But Falling Is Something We've Always Been Good At..." is obviously a very political, very critical album. I can't say very much about the lyrics (since I don't understand everything because of the English language and also the mix) and I don't want to discuss any politics here, but one surely will notice that the music itself is quite impressive. The singing style might be a little irritating at first listen, but it also adds to the overall hazy, sometimes even desperate atmosphere. The songs are more kind of soundscapes, rich with voice samples, piano/keyboard playing and the singing voice, somewhere muddled in the mix. An often unsettling and adventurous listening experience for sure. (More info in the zip-file).


Please note: The artists alone are responsible for lyrical and musical content (also regarding sampled material)!


5:12 - But Falling Is Something We've Always Been Good At... (USA 2009)

(mp3-zip, 14 tracks, 52,3 MB, 57 min)

Get it here or here!

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