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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Raver - 3 EPs: Weird Summer / Red River Canyon / Leopard Head (CAN 2009)

Here's another fine (and at the age of 18 years also very young) artist named Lavurn Lee from Toronto, Canada, who records under the name RAVER.
I hear a strong shoegazer influence in many tracks, reminding me especially of SLOWDIVE - very atmospheric, very gentle, ethereal and dreamlike music. In one word: excellent!

"I'm 18 years old from Toronto, Canada. - I record solo at home since begning of 2009 with Audacity, (a free internet recording program, very simple to use) because I do not have the funds to get nice equipment. I use a terrible microphone, an acoustic guitar, some drums, bells, spoons..... -
Influences: Beach Boys, Elliott Smith, Sigur Ros, Atlas Sound and Belong, Grouper. -
My sound: Lost songs from astronauts heard through AM radios and blasted through thousands of speakers in a vast desert of stardust... massive, miniscule."

This is what Lavurn has to say about the posted EPs:

"Weird Summer EP:
- recorded over the summer of 2009, my first attempt at an "album"
lo-fi, acoustica tape music, with harmonies and strange jingle jangles.....
Red River Canyon EP:
- recorded in Sept 2009. A noise-shoegaze concept album about the desert highway and the American West. Heavy reverb and delay. Buried in sound.
Leopard Head EP
- first attempt at "rock/punk". Only album with live drums, lo-fi
reverb and distortion, phat drums...." (L. L.)

Don't let Lavurn fool you, "Red River Canyon" is anything but noise... still very gentle songs. Enjoy!
When listening to these 3 EPs in the listet running order you will clearly notice the progress regarding the recording sound; the first EP is indeed rather lo-fi, the later ones sound much better - though I enjoy all of these songs no matter what sound quality...
If you like what you hear, you are asked to check out Lavurn's website, where you can download lots of his songs for free!

Favourite tracks: 'Hazel', 'Highway 666', 'Solar', 'Was I Sleeping...'

RAVER - 3 EPs: Weird Summer / Red River Canyon /
Leopard Head EP (CAN 2009)
(mp3 zip, 11 tracks, 33 min, 44 MB, front covers incl.)

Weird Summer EP
+ And The Fleeting Light
+ Hazel
+ The Laurel Canyons
+ Walk Into The Sun
+ Wavelengths
Red River Canyon EP
+ Helen Canyon
+ Highway 666
+ Tiger River
Leopard Head EP
+ Can't Let Go (Wah, Wah)
+ Solar
+ Was I Sleeping...
Get it here or here!

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