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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Frozen Bears - 2000 (excerpt) (USA 2000/2009)

"New Orleans' Frozen Bears hits WFMU's top 30 with "lost" psych/lo-fi debut album, "2000"

In the year 2000...

...former bandmates Adam Waller and Kevin Hurstell reconvened in Waller's tiny apartment bedroom to explore the depths of their musical symbiosis on Adam's 4 track (a Tascam Porta 3, pretty much the lowest-end model available). Armed with a couple of guitars, whatever they could find to use as "drums", their Schlitz addled imaginations, and a barely functioning, cheesy guitar effects processor from the early 90s--the Digitech RP-1--Frozen Bears set out to create a 4 track love letter to their record collections, and their imagined record collections in "the future. (...) The result is an intricate mix of stimulating, and stunningly contrasting influences. Danceable beats and loops are merged with raw, stripped down punk energy. Found sound like lectures and sound effects from thrift store LPs are often substituted for vocals. On 2000, the Bears blur the line between art and raw power, taking cues from fellow lo-fi, home taped duos Chrome, Ween, early Pavement, and Tall Dwarfs; psychedelic heroes like the 13th Floor Elevators and The Seeds, the raw garage aesthetic of the Pebbles/Back From the Grave collections; and standbys like Sonic Youth, GBV, the Misfits, Man..or Astroman?, the Stones, early Beat Happening, Flipper, White Light/Heat era Velvets, etc." (from band info; more info in the zip file)

(You can also buy the complete album there - IF YOU LIKE WHAT YOU HEAR, PLEASE SUPPORT THE ARTISTS!!!)

Excellent band, great (fuzz) guitar driven psychedelic punk rock songs mixed with some more experimental sound collage pieces in homemade lofi sound quality. Lots of guitar sound effects and found samples... Somewhere between CHROME and BUTTHOLE SURFERS...

Frozen Bears - 2000 (excerpt)
(USA 2000/2009)
(mp3 zip, 6 tracks, 19 min, 17,5 MB)
Tape Eater - 2:23
Ship to Shore - 2:15
How Far Out Are You - 3.38
They Don't Need You - 2:57
One Eager Beaver - 5:57
Witch Lead - 1:47
Get it here or here!

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this rocks.

russ of aural incline