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Monday, March 22, 2010

Various Artists - Nougats: A North Texas Compilation (USA 2010)

Okay, you were digging NUGGETS, were listening to RUBBLE and PEBBLES, now here is something new for you: NOUGATS: A NORTH TEXAS COMPILATION.
The man responsible for it all is BRODERICK YOUNG (see older post here).

"The concept behind Nougats is sort of Nuggets from nowhere (i.e. where I'm from). I got the idea after listening to Nuggets and watching this documentary on Seattle and the whole grunge thing. So yeah. It's supposed to be a compilation of sorts: There's bands that actually existed and there's bands that existed for all of one recording session on there. The ideas of what each song is going for is mostly different too. For example, Dance (by Mr. Madge) was my take on early Madonna. All of the stuff that wasn't made by actual bands was recorded in a span of 3 weeks which I think is the amount of time it took the Ramones and Phil Spector to record End of the Century. We went about a song a day. Thanks to all the people who "compiled" it and everyone who gives it a shot. Enjoy it."
(B. Y.)

Don't let the title fool you: Most of the tracks featured on NOUGATS don't have that typical 60s garage/psych rock or psyche pop sound (that one would expect from the title), but are more in a late 80s/90s alternative rock or folk-rock style – or are just plain fun (e.g. "Jazz Interpretations"). What those aforementioned 60s music collections and NOUGATS do though have in common are the often funny sounding "band" names...
Anyway there are lots of great songs on NOUGATS to discover! And again BRODERICK YOUNG's voice sounds very much like a young LOU REED.

Favourite track: "Enter the Dog Man" by TORRY FINLEY and "Hello" by LMO

(mp3-zip, 21 tracks, 67 min, 140 MB, artwork incl.)
Track list:
1. Victory Punch by The Huntsmen
2. Chontelle Waters by The Blues B-Woman Bangers Band
3. One by Julia's Boyfriend and the Cherry Sours
4. Duck Sauce by Coffee Hobos
5. Hello by LMO
6. Slow Motion by Chris Daily
7. Accordion Butterfly by Stylish Headphones, Milady
8. Jazz Interpretations by The Chawntonian Orchestra
9. Leave It Alone by The Saber-Tooth Seersuckers
10. Chontelle Waters (live) by Kahuna and McFleece
11. Dance by Mr. Madge
12. More Than Construction by Dos Twees
13. Enter The Dog Man by Torry Finley
14. Teenage Anti-Comunist American Bossa-nova Defense System by Stylish Headphones, Milady
15. I'm Just A Mops by The Bandit Kings
16. Rainy Day by Los Gigantos
17. Limited Edition Sasquatch Bin by Broderick Young
18. Slo-Mo by Hyphen Nation
19. Wishing by Broderick Young
20. Not My Time by The Robot Brothers
21. Virgin by Nerds Etc...

Compiled by David Chawner, Chris Daily, Julia Greuner, Will McManus, Torry Finley, Lauren Moseley, Corbin Young, and Broderick Young.
Get it here or here or here!

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