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Monday, March 29, 2010

Modo - small hours (UK 2001-2009)

The man behind MODO is the same guy who is running the project PEDRO AGNO (see post below).

Q: Where exactly are you from?
A: Milton Keynes UK - it's built really simply like a grid and tourists find it confusing.
Q: Do you want your real name mentioned? If so: What is your real name?
A: You should never reveal your real name...
Q: How recorded?
A: Most of the instruments were recorded by plugging a 1/8" jack-plug into my soundcard, but some sounds were softsynths, so i was able to use them directly from the sequencer.
Q: When recorded?
A: I've been recording this stuff for years - since 2001. It is only more recently that the tracks started to take form and become more identifiable as to what style or which other tracks they belong with.
Q: Who involved? Who played what?
A: I like to get local musicians in as much as possible to vary the flavour a bit whilst keeping the core ideologies of the group intact, but the lion's share is done by me in collaboration with some of my invisible friends.
Q: Any more releases? Any "official" releases?
A: Well my record label have recently released a new album for the ninth tentacle, which is a more energetic project than mine - I like to bob along gently - those boys like to race a bit.
Q: Since when does this band/project exist (are you into music)?
A: Hmm, that's tricky... I suppose I would have to say since the release of Trolleys really, as I wasn't playing live before that - just home and studio, so 2009! (has it really been that long already!?)
Q: Any previous bands worth mentioning?
A: I have been involved in a fringe-capacity with recording work on the Mucky Badger album that is due to appear later on this year sometime. That was really exciting - Mucky has a very strange outlook on what sound is so the project appealed to my sense of humour.
Q: How'd you "label" your music?
A: Musicians HATE being Labelled! But i know what it's like trying to organise your mp3's, so I'd say it's loosely something like bedroom lo-fi psychedelic music for the bit that comes after the excitement but before the chillout.
Q: Influences?
A: Air are an enormous influence, at least for Premiers Symptomes which they have never surpassed. I also like chilling out to Loop Guru's disc 'the Third Chamber' - it is a serene masterpiece and I never want it out of my collection!
Q: Is there a special running order of the tracks?
A: There's, at the most, a very loose order - modern audiences are much less likely than we were in the past to listen to a whole album at once, so the idea of a tracklisting has almost gone out of the window. However, ambient music is one of the key exceptions to this rule as people usually want to leave it running whether they fall asleep or zone out or get on with whatever they are doing. I think the one that begins with a telephone dialing sound is my personal favourite one to begin listening with and I like to finish with the one with the horse and footsteps and vehicles at the end, but apart from that, no there is no real order to the tracks, they can be used in any order or even more than one at a time if you are brave!
Q: Website, myspace?
Q: Anything that you think is interesting, that you'd like to inform the blog readers about...
A: Yeah - pedro agno's gonna twist your brains with this sick shit!
Q: And please tell me, what the ... is OTL?
A: OTL - the name used by our main studio guy when he does his remixes and stuff. It looks like a few things and it could stand for a few things... I like to get people to guess.
(info by Pedro Agno aka Modo)

Excellent late night electronic/ambient music.
Check it out!

MODO: Small hours (UK)
(mp3-zip, 12 tracks, 63 min, 57,5 MB)
Get it here!

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