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Monday, March 15, 2010

Necro Deathmort - This Beat Is Necrotronic (UK 2009)

NECRO DEATHMORT's music is a great weird mix of mostly instrumental doom and electronic music and ambient soundscapes. Surely no easy listening!

Q: Where exactly are you from? Do you want your real names mentioned? If so: what are your real names?

A: We are Necro Deathmort from London, and we are a two-piece "band" consisting of AJ Cookson and Matthew Rozeik.

Q: How recorded? Who played what?

A: We use a computer to make everything - no amps, no real drum kits etc. Matt and I both play guitar and splice beats and use any effects we can get our hands on.

Q: When recorded? Influences? Future plans?

A: We put this album together from a stack of material we had come up with over a year or so that reflected our passion for heavy and interesting music of many genres (Autechre, Sunn o)), Neurosis, JK Broadrick, Ulver, Dalek, even UK dubstep). - After the guy who runs Distraction (UK label) heard it he wanted to put it out there and since then we've had a lot of encouraging press etc. Our debut gig is on Feb 10th 2010 at the Scala in London supporting Ulver and hopefully more gigs and releases are in the pipeline.

Q: Any previous bands/side projects worth mentioning?

A: Meanwhile, Matthew has a "proper" band who play live a lot in London, called Astrohenge (http://www.myspace.com/astrohenge) and I work in a few different projects, namely Sol Invicto, a metal drum and bass project, which features Steph from the Deftones on guitar and also Medes (http://www.myspace.com/medesmusic) which is just me and a guitar/laptop!

Q: Website, myspace?

A: http://www.myspace.com/necrodeathmort

Q: Anything that you think is interesting, that you'd like to inform the blog readers about...

A: We continue to record and make music, hopefully there will be another album out this year and some festival slots to arrange... Our myspace is (http://www.myspace.com/necrodeathmort) and the album is available on iTunes and the Distraction site - (http://www.distractionrecords.com/). Feel free to put the free link up but if peeps want the proper cd they should get it from Distraction. It has great artwork by Dom Hailstone who did an Isis and a Mogwai video...

(Thanks to AJ Cookson for the info via email)

This Beat is Necrotronic
(UK 2009)
(mp3-zip, 11 tracks, 51 min, 120,7 MB, artwork incl.)
Get it here or here!


scarfish69 said...

This just sounded too strange to resist. Thanks, I guess. We'll see.

hbgvfcdxsz said...

Unholy hell!! I just listened to Origami Werewolf!! WTF!
That is some creepy evil groovin percussion. Brilliant

hbgvfcdxsz said...

I feel the need to go and purchace necrotronic on vinyl