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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Altered States of the United Snakes (= AS*US) - American Hallucination (program one) + (program two: exiled from ohio) (USA 2009)

AS*US: American Hallucination (program one)
1. Colonial Hills
2. Went Away
3. Funny
4. Fuck You
5. Vegas Sweat
6. The Sunshine Space Explorer

Q: Where exactly are you from?
A: massillon, ohio
Q: Do you want your real names mentioned? If so: What are your real names?
A: (current):
davey highben*stay at home dad.
mat bisaro*father and grad student.
fred phening.(friend to industrial bakers)
adam smith. (Columbus Discount Records)
(has been through the years):
Greg Surrat*drums.guitars.keys.samples.
Lamont Bim Thomas*drums (Bassholes. This Moment in Black History)
Mike McKeegan*guitars.keys.
Chris Kaser*bass
Celeste Bicknell*voice
Kota Kakutani*drums (heavy johnson trio)
Dan Stanley*drums
Tom Derwint*guitars. (lost treasures of the underworld . com)
Adam Fleischer*guitars.keys.(swamp leather)
Dave Le Shock*bass.
Jen Burton & Mark Van Fleet (face place)
Jon Chinn
Jim Shepard (V3)
Mike Rep Hummel.(the Quotas.Ego Summit)
Q: How recorded?
A: radio shack hand held. 2 track reel to reel. 4 track cass. 16. track one inch.
Q: When recorded?
A: 1989-2010
1. My Uncle Wayne 1989-1996 *(massillon, ohio./durham n.c.)
2. My Un*Kill Wayne 1997-2001*(columbus, ohio.)
3. The Hatchlings 2001*(PDX)
4. The United Snakes 2001-2008*(PDX/columbus, ohio.)
5. AS*US (the altered states of the united snakes)*(columbus, ohio.)
Q: Who involved? Who played what?
A: *see blog/ depends on line up.
Q: Any more releases?
A: !992. My Uncle Wayne "down with satan" 60min cass.1989-1992 spilt milk recordings.
1993. My Uncle Wayne "all dressed up with nowhere to go" 60 min. cass. spilt milk recordings
1994. My Uncle Wayne "1994" 30min. cass. spilt milk recordings
1995 My Uncle Wayne "duck kee sessions" unreleased.
1997 My Uncle Wayne " delusions of grandure (sic)" 7inch record. spilt milk recordings. 500 pressed
1999 My Uncle Wayne "Beat Hits" 7inch record. Seldom Scene Records. 500 pressed.
2001 My Uncle Wayne " Delusions of Grandure/Beat Hits" double seven inch. REDRESS RECORDS. 250 pressed
2003 The United Snakes. Executive Suites. cdr single. self released. 100 handmade copies.
2003-2009 The Altered States of the United Snakes.
have given away/sold/bribed into taking 1,279 handmade cdrs of various shapes and sizes.
2009-present: The Autistic Theater:
* a blog that features all the music worth sharing from all these years with all those peoples...
the names changed, yet the music was always the same, in spirit anyway...
2010 AS*US "I've been mad for quite some time now" 7inch record. TBA.
Q: How'd you "label" your music?
A: "outsider"
Q: Influences?
A: everything
Q: Website, myspace?
additional links:
(answered by Davey Highben)

AS*US: American Hallucination (program two: exiled from ohio).
1. All I see is Chrome.
2. Fancy Lines.
3. tongue tied.
4. Phe*nix.

Amazing, hard to describe lofi experimental psych band. Mixture of many different elements and sounds – distorted country rock, noise, sound collages, experimental rock to name just a few. Somehow reminds me of the BUTTHOLE SURFERS...
"American Hallucination (program two: exiled from ohio)" is more in a grungey alternative noise rock style, while "American Hallucination (program one)" could be vaguely described as distorted country rock noise...
Has to be heard to believe!

Enjoy! And check out their website, if you like what you hear; lots of bizarre recordings can be downloaded here for free!

AS*US: American Hallucination
(program one and two) (USA 2009)
(mp3-zip, 5 tracks, 34 min, 38,3 MB)
Get 'em both here or here or here!


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