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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sleeping Machine - 3 EPs (HUN 2008-2009)

SLEEPING MACHINE is in fact a one-man band, with some musician friends helping out, from Budapest, Hungary.
Most of the music could be described as "electronic" or "ambient", but there are some exceptions (e.g. "It Will Be Painful To Remember This" that is almost a bossa nova...).

Excellent late night listening music!

Q: Where exactly are you from?
A: Budapest, Hungary
Q: Do you want your real name mentioned? If so: What is your real name?
A: No, it's not important, I just go by "mez".
Q: How recorded?
A: I'll use anything. Some of it was recorded on my Fostex 4-track, some was put together on my PC, one song was recorded in a professional studio, during a break while recording with another band. As for instruments I'll use anything from guitars, analog synths to primitive PC music software. My only rule is that I never use samples, pre-written drum patterns, nothing, only original material on the recordings.
Q: When recorded?
A: Some of it was recorded a couple of years ago, some of it is from 2008-09, and there are brand new songs in the making as well.
Q: Who involved? Who played what?
A: It's basically a one-man band, but there are friends helping me out, guys from the other bands I play with, Hammer Of Gods and Domina Massive. There's a detailed description of who played what in the text file of "3 EPs". They also play in the Sleeping Machine live band.
Q: Any more releases?
A: Yes, there's a brand new virtual 7",
"wake me up when we get there",
you can download it here:
Q: Since when does this band/project exist? - Any previous bands worth mentioning?
A: Sleeping Machine exists since 2008, maybe 07?
I play the drums in two other bands. Hammer Of Gods is a noisy shoegaze/indie rock band, it's getting recognition in Hungary, once we opened for Six Organs Of Admittance for example.
And there's a band called Domina Massive, but it's less active than HoG, it used to be a postrock band in the early 00s, now it's lo-fi whatever I guess.
With some friends we also have a radio/dj/gig organizer team called "Lamantin", we have a weekly radio show, clubnights, and brought bands like Mount Eeerie, The Ruby Suns, Six Organs to Budapest.
Q: How'd you "label" your music? (I know... nobody wants to get labeled... bla bla bla...)
A: homemade, lo-fi, psych... - I couldn't think of better or more fitting! :)
Q: Influences?
A: There are tons of music that have influenced me as a person, but don't show up in my music, so they are irrelevant here i guess. If I think about Sleeping Machine, I'd say Young Marble Giants, The Flying Lizards, Boards Of Canada, Cluster, impLOG and My Bloody Valentine were influential. Not necessary their music, but their approach, attitude to creating music was influential. With this logic I could even list the original Alice Cooper Group, they had amazing ideas.
Q: Website, Myspace?
i also run a tumblr:

Favourite track: the secret life of snails

(mp3-zip, 11 tracks, 38 min, 85,6 MB)
01 - AFRAID OF MIMES (2008)
1 - afraid of mimes
2 - cul-de-sac
3 - a slow cold sunrise
4 - it's always a pleasant surprise to meet such friendly monsters (klethi und plethi remix)
02 - ME AGED FIVE (2008)
1 - me aged five, watching the clouds go by on a summer day
2 - i guess i know how that feels
3 - it will be painful to remember this
4 - i'll never be an astronaut
1 - the secret life of snails
2 - they were happy after all
3 - no character development, no story

Get 'em here or here or here!

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