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Friday, November 19, 2010

Maxim Engl - live, today, FR Nov. 19 in Offenbach, GER

IF you happen to live or stay in Frankfurt or Offenbach in Germany at the moment, you shouldn't hesitate to see MAXIM ENGL's solo performance at the Waggon Offenbach today on Friday November 19th.

MAXIM ENGL is the head/guitarist of noise/experimental band ePHEMEROL from Frankfurt;
his solo performance will be more in a minimalistic experimental style reminding of AIDAN BAKER or ROBERT FRIPP. Drone & Loops rule!

MAXIM ENGL is also featured with one exclusive track on the last HLFP-Sampler SPACE IS STILL THE PLACE. Check it out!


For our German readers:

Experimenteller Soloauftritt von MAXIM ENGL, Gitarrist und Kopf der Frankfurter Band ePHEMEROL: noch reduzierter als die Musik von ePHEMEROL; weniger Noiseausbrüche, Drone & Loops rule!
Für Freunde minimalistischer Klänge und Soundscapes in Geistesverwandtschaft zu AIDAN BAKER und ROBERT FRIPP.

Zahlreiches Erscheinen erwünscht!!!
19. Nov. 2010

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