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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Pterodactyl Plains - Raven (USA 2009)

Q: Where exactly are you from?
A: We are from a small town Trego in Montana, just south of Canada and West of Glacier Park.
Q: Who involved? Who played what?
A: Pterodactyl Plains is Jessica Kilroy and Kier Atherton with guests Bethany Joyce on cello and Chance Cole on drums
Q: How recorded?
A: The album was recorded at friends homes and our parents house during the holidays. We recorded on a Macbook Pro with Motu hardware and Digital Performer. The album was all recorded with Art tube preamps and primarily with a Blue Bluebird and EV RE-20 microphone.
Q: When recorded?
A:. Recorded in 2009. Originally this was going to be Jessica Kilroy's new album, but it became so much of a departure from her previous material that we decided it should be its own project.
Q: Any more releases?
A: This is our first album, but Jessica Kilroy has released two self-released solo albums and Kier Atherton has produced and performed with Pillar Saints and Travis Sehorn.
Q: How'd you "label" your music?
A: We still identify our music as folk, because we intend for the songs to all be able to exist comfortably as acoustic music on the strength of their lyrics and melody. We like to experiment with sound and rhythm too though which I guess would make us electro acoustic, or whatever the current label is for that type of music.
Q: Influences?
A: We are influenced as much by our environment as the music we listen to, but some of Kier's favorite music that sets a standard we would like to attain includes Califone, Clann Zu, The National, and Exuma.
Q: Website, Myspace?
(info by Kier Atherton via email)

Outstanding beautiful female vocals over electronic soundscapes and rhythms mixed with a more acoustic backing. A remarkable strong album that could best be described as experimental folk.

Check out their European concert dates in April and May at their Myspace site (dates in the Czech Republic, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK)!

Favourite tracks: Straitjacket and Right Here and Strangers

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