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Monday, April 12, 2010

a couple of free promo tracks

Here are a couple of promo tracks of forthcoming or recently released albums, that were sent to me by some (mostly small) record companies to post on HLFP and make some promo for them.

Not bad, I'd say. In fact there are some pretty good songs to be found here. Not extremly psychedelic or experimental though. Most of them are indie rock style.
So have a listen and go and check out (= buy!) the complete records, if you like what you hear!

Starting with a fine label called PIGEON ROW (http://pigeonrow.com/):

- THE ROBOTS: I Didn't Know What I Was Saying
A band from Canada, THE ROBOTS released their album Hey Buddy, Dummy on Night Danger, April 06. Sounds like a mix of RADIOHEAD and INTERPOL.
"From minimal first steps to echoing climaxes, the album layers diverse elements and styles into a unique vision and sound." (promo info)

- MILKS & RECTANGLES: Troubleshooters (free EP): Wink and a Gun (The Jury's Hung) - Unring a Bell - Cakewalk - Don't Fall into Wrong Hands - Long Haired Hater
Quite enjoyable indie rock.
"The EP finds the group infusing their songs with a distinctly rock n' roll sound while still managing to deliver the moody atmospheres that made their debut so memorable." (promo info)

- APOLLO GHOSTS: Things You Go Through
From Mount Beson, May 04 release. Also from Canada, they play a mix of Wave, Punk and College Rock. Great song!
"An ode to the hard-scrabble city of Nanaimo, BC, Mount Benson divulges the dark secrets of this luckless Vancouver Island town, a demystification on par with revealing the Masonic Handshake." (from promo info)

- STEVE POLTZ: Digging For Icicles
From Dreamhouse; May 04 release, produced by Joel Plaskett.
More in a singer-songwriter, new folk style

"Starting with the stark and haunting title-track, as it progresses, the album’s scope develops to include beautiful melodies and lush, quirky arrangements." (promo info)

Then we have SARATHAN records (http://www.sarathan.com/), another fine indie label, that already gave us WAR TAPES some time ago:

From the band's self-titled album. Pretty cool psych rock. This song here is not too far away from NICK CAVE (if he took more psychedelic drugs...)

Sadly I can't post another song - in fact my favourite one of those promo tracks - Losing You by BLUE BEARD - a true psychedelic gem, taken from the compilation album Looking Towards the Sky, released by Fantastic Voyage. (It wasn't meant to be posted, just to be listened to...) Grab it if you can!


A Couple of PROMO Tracks
(mp3-zip, 9 tracks, some artwork, 57,2 MB)
Get 'em here or here or here!

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