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Thursday, May 21, 2009

VERTIGO SWIRL LIVE!!! - Saturday, May 23rd at the Way Out Club, Saint Louis, MO

Saint Louis, MO, USA (THC) - Scientists, philosophers and music fans alike are eagerly awaiting a rare and unique event as the elusive Vertigo Swirl takes corporeal form for a brief time this coming Saturday.  "I'm well acquainted with the various theories behind its operation and have read extensively about the peculiar time/space fluctuations that can occur," said Kjle Risch, a specialist in low frequency distortions, "but to actually experience the Vertigo Swirl first hand is a once in a lifetime opportunity."  Mr. Risch will be leading a joint coalition of the nation's highest minds as they observe and record the phenomenon at its epicenter, a local music venue known as the Way Out Club.

The Vertigo Swirl, which extracts cosmic energies from various points in time and space and converts them into auditory vibrations within the human hearing spectrum, was first observed by local guitarist Brian Andrew Marek during his so-called "basement experiments" last December.  Since Marek went public with his discoveries in January, the Vertigo Swirl's unique audio signature has reportedly been heard as far afield as Germany, Japan, Finland and New Zealand, but this Saturday will be the first - and possibly only - time that the phenomenon will occur in real time before an audience.

While Risch and the other professionals note that, despite the academic nature of their presence, the general public is welcomed to attend this unprecedented event, they do stress the intensity of the experience.  "It's an unsettling thing," said D.B. Cooper, International Percussionist of Mystery, "when you stare into the Vertigo Swirl, it stares back at you.  And it smells kinda funny, too, come to think of it." 
The experiment begins 8:00 pm on Saturday, May 23rd at the Way Out Club, with further vibratory demonstrations by The Lushes and DinoFight. (Official press release - BAM; VERTIGO SWIRL)

Listen to VERTIGO SWIRL here!


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