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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Talha Asim Wynne - Anomalous Trek - EP (Pakistan 2009) + 7" (2006)

TALHA ASIM WYNNE is from Karachi, Pakistan, and his music really deserves your attention... It's a fascinating mix of instrumental shoegazer psych music in the style of MY BLOODY VALENTINE or SLOWDIVE ("Anomalous Trek") and a more psychedelic indie rock approach ("The Stones of Yesterday") with some tasty DAVID GILMOUR guitar layered over a late, more prog-gy PINK FLOYD soundscape, before STEVE VAI takes over after a few minutes ("Indistinct Commotion in the Head") - than back to GILMOUR again...
One can clearly hear many influences of TALHA ASIM's heroes in his music, but for me this isn't a bad thing, because he not simply copies those artists, he rather mixes some components of their different styles and so creates something completely new, something unique.

"I've been subconsciously into music for as far as i can remember, but i picked up guitar around 5 years back. - I started my guitar-esque journey with the likes of Steve Vai, early Santana and Dreamtheater, building up to an extensive collection of Jazz. - Then came the Pink Floyd phase which lead to an outburst of ambient/spacey music in my library, the like of Spiritualized, My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, Ride etc... - Even some indie bands like Yo La Tengo (which is the most played artist in my iTunes currently). I'm heavily influenced by experimental approaches in music. Frank Zappa, Igor Stravinsky, Kevin Shields, Thursten Moore, John Coltrane, David Gilmour, Syd Barret, etc, all these names have an impact on the music i make. - - Didn't ever have a band because i couldnt find the right musicians, but more recently i've been jamming with my friend Kayzad (drums), and we're working towards a project, so hopefully you could expect a lot of psychedelic stuff coming out. - - I wouldn't label my music, but it has to be a bit of ambient, psychedelic, rock and blues. and experimental of course... (...) I have never had a guitar teacher or anything, completely self taught." (T.A.W.)



Talha Asim Wynne - Anomalous Trek - EP (2009)
(mp3 zip, 5 tracks, 42,4 MB, 27 min)
1 - Intro - 3:37
2 - Anomalous Trek - 3:45
3 - The Stones of Yesterday - 3:53
4 - Indistinct Commotion in the Head - 9:15
Bonus track:
5 - A Song for an Angel (Single 2006) - 5:54

Get it here or here!


Neon Aztec said...

Does this guy have a website or contact info?

mike-floyd said...

Hi Neon,

you may try to contact him via his Myspace site:http://www.myspace.com/talhaasim
(also added now in the blog).

(Otherwise you may leave your mail address either here or send it to my gmx-address, see sidebar - and I will mail it to Talha Asim, since I don't know if he wants me to give out his address...)

Anonymous said...

wow, great stuff! i love the shoegaze vibes and atmospheres. it rocks as well, the playing is definitely not wimpy! thanks!

- Russ C (of Aural Incline)

T-m@N said...

thanks a lot! i try...