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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

BY REQUEST: ephemeroL - Live Performance, Das Bett, 04-11-2006 (GER)

One of the rare live recordings of EPHEMEROL, the German avantgarde/noise/experimental band from Frankfurt a. M. from April 11th 2006.
This live performance from "Das Bett" sounds very different to the more post rock/drone oriented tracks from the
EP I posted some time ago and also to the very noisy track from the HLFP 02-Sampler "EMBRYO THOUGHTS".
It starts rather silently in a meditative mood and then slowly builds up to get a little louder (but never too loud) and more weird as the journey travels on - improvised from start til end. Reminds me somehow of the title track of the first
GURU GURU LP "UFO". Around the 21st minute they shortly even sound like PINK FLOYD doing a 1970 version of "Interstellar Overdrive" (middle section). If you liked the far out improvised music of INTERPRETACE I posted recently, you surely will also like this rather abstract ephemeroL performance. Nothing for rock purists though...

ephemeroL are:
MAXIM ENGL: guitar, electronics; ROGER ECKHARDT: bass, electronics; PETER PROCHIR: drums, electronics.
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EPHEMEROL - Live Performance, Das Bett, 04-11-2006
(1 mp3 track, zipped, 63,1 MB, 46 min)
Get it here!

Next German gigs will be:
March 19 2009, 20:00 = 08:00 PM - Clubkeller
Textorstrasse, Frankfurt a. M., Hessen -
April 03 2009, 15:30 = 03:30 PM - Musikmesse
Halle 12, Bühne 2, Frankfurt a. M., Hessen -
Short, but sweet!!!


recompas said...

excellent set. really enjoy the ambiance on this stuff.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Amazing!


Harvey said...

Great!!! Can't get enough of their stuff!

Doug Holbrook said...

Excellent..I quite enjoyed this..

Now I want to hear more..