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Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Medicine Man - Reverberations For Baby/Forever Brother (USA 2007/2008)

For those of you, who did not like the latest posts (with spaced-out improvisations and the like): fear not! Here is something for you: two real records with REAL SONGS on them... Grab them fast - they both are excellent!

(On homemade-lofi-psych there is and ALWAYS WILL BE room enough for many different styles of many different colours - the improvised free-form-freak-outs and the well-structered pop/rock/folk songs!!! It's up to you to taste of both... Enjoy and have fun while discovering new sounds!)

From Brooklyn, New York, comes THE very talented MEDICINE MAN, with two very interesting records on offer. The music is difficult to describe; it ranges from dark alternative roots rock and freak-folk to more experimental pieces delving one time even into free-jazz/free-form-rock (on the opening track ("For other Brothers") of the 2nd album, before gliding into deep shining space). Most of the songs are in a more reflective, or even dark mood, and occasionally there are some space psych moments to be found.
Comparisons: hmmm..., JEFF BUCKLEY, maybe a more folk based NICK CAVE or perhaps the more hypnotic pieces of GUN CLUB.

Dylan Ewing, the man behind THE MEDICINE MAN, already started making sound collages on his dad's 4-track tape machine sometime in high school. He had begun playing the drum kit, when he was eight... He grew up in Cincinnati, OH.

"The Medicine Man started around 2005 as a home recording project after my band 'Forty-One Ninety-Two' split up. Played a bunch of solo shows using guitar, vocals, tape machines and a lot of delay. In April 2006 I moved to New York. Didn't know where to play out here so I stayed home and wrote about a hundred songs my first year in New York.

'Reverberations For Baby' at home on a Yamaha 8 track cassette machine in 2007. These were the first Medicine Man recordings I put out (self released CD-R).

In early 2008 I contacted Greg Ashley about recording an album. In March I went to Oakland, and we made
'Forever Brother' in his home studio on 16 track one inch tape. 'Forever Brother' will be released this spring on LP by Dent Records (500 copies). - I'm currently writing a third Medicine Man album to be recorded later this year
." (D. E.)



THE MEDICINE MAN - Reverberations For Baby/Forever Brother (USA 2007/2008)
(m4a-zip, 19 tracks, 79 min, 72,3 MB + 89,3 MB)
Get it
here (megaupload both albums) or
here (Reverberations ...) and here (Forever Brother) (both on easyshare)

I also converted the m4a's for non Mac-users to mp3's.
(mp3-zip, 19 tracks, 79 min, 55,2 MB + 54,3 MB)
Get it here (megaupload both albums) or
here (Reverberations...) and here (Forever Brother) (both on easyshare)

Next New York live gigs:
- 08. March 2009 9:00 p.m.
w/Mirror Mirror & Illuminations Brooklyn, New York
- 20. March 2009 9:00 p.m.
ZEBULON w/ Moon High Brooklyn, New York
- 04. Apr. 2009 9:00 p.m.
MATCHLESS w/Von Haze + TBA Brooklyn, New York


icastico said...

Just found your site.
You may like what I've got going over at my site.

Here are two homemade lo-fi psych albums...there are more to come.


mike-floyd said...

Thanks, icastico,

I'll check it out!

susan said...
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