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Friday, August 1, 2008

The Wig Museum - House Of Toucan (UK 2006)

Another PSYCHEDELIC GEM by an until now unknown one-man-band, called THE WIG MUSEUM, based somewhere in provincial UK. Marvin, the man behind the project, has played and recorded with various bands over the last 20 years and THE WIG MUSEUM is his solo project.
"House of Toucan" was recorded in 2006 in a humble basement studio – and is a great piece of art, believe me! There's lots of mood swings and influences range from film soundtracks/weird cinema to inner and outer space travels in the style of 70s krautrock or various psych bands of older times. The overall atmosphere is quite nightmarish, surreal in a filmic sense, reminding of horror movie soundtracks as well as of STEREOLAB harmony pieces, only to be interrupted by explosions of noises, backward loops and scary sound effects. This is PSYCHEDELIC in its true meaning: mind expanding!

"... They come surfing a mondo wave of electric piano riffs and crying trumpets, laden with phantastic sights and sinister sounds from the bendiest corners of the universe. Please feel free to enter my wigwam. Pull up a cube, slip into something more comfortable, and watch your screaming mind as it drips to the floor. Soon you may see sphericals, skyangles, triangles and evil rhomboid faces; you may hear bells, sirens, explosions and even screams – do not be alarmed. Just take a deep breath and keep repeating 'it's only The Wig Museum... only The Wig Museum... only The Wig Museum...' "

Nothing more to add. DOWNLOAD THIS TREAT!!!
Enjoy and don't forget to visit Marvin's great psychedelic blog!

THE WIG MUSEUM - House Of Toucan (UK 2006)
(mp3-zip, 10 tracks, 31,4 MB, art incl.)
1. Sleep
2. Night Of Shame
3. Hunchback Thrash
4. French Spy
5. Life In Bulgaria
6. Mandalay Sun
7. Theme From The Acid Killers
8. Saxon Creche
9. Secret Petal Of Fear
10. Wake up

Get it here or here or here!
(New links November 2012)


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I hope to see you there. Take care.


Eric said...

Just listened to a couple tracks and this is truly twisted. Very cool! Great find.

mike-floyd said...

Hi Eric,

thanks for your comment.

I absolutely agree. This recording is in my opinion under the top 5 of all posts on this blog (until now).

Strongly recommended to every psych head.

Herod said...

Herod of The Wig Museum here.

Thanks for the kind words and support Mike. I'm back from my travels now and desperately trying to get a track ready for your upcoming comp. I'm not sure I'll make it in time, but it won't be for want of trying!

Anonymous said...

i'm anxious to hear wig museum, but i don't see a password...am i missing something? please help!
thanx :)

mike-floyd said...

Hi Anon:

You don't need a password; none of my posts are protected by passwords. All posts are approved by the artists. Just go for it and download.

You may thou have trouble to unzip, remember: these are zip-files, that means: you probably need another tool than winrar (if PC user) or stuffit expander (Mac user).
I'd recommend winzip or UnRarX (for Mac).

Just try it, maybe you won*t have any trouble at all and your computer will unzip the files without any trouble.

Thanks for visiting!