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Wednesday, February 15, 2012


RE-UP by request of the 2nd HLFP-Sampler,"EMBRYO THOUGHTS - A mind blowing collection of inner and outer space snapshots of different kinds".
Read more about this fabulous Sampler here (original post).
New links here or here or here! (Now with slightly improved artwork. Or get it here! - if you prefer the old artwork.)


Anonymous said...

Me again (the one that requested this), thanks so much for this, just managed to successfully download it... superb stuff yet again!
You're doing great work here man, I'll be sure to get the message out here in Tokyo

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're back updating the blog!!

I'm learning to play the guitar (and bass) - one of my inspirations for finally learning to play has been your blog. Hopefully, someday, I'll make something you can feature on your blog. Thanks for all the effort and time!!

mike-floyd said...

To Anon 1:
You're welcome.

To Anon 2:
That's great to hear.
In my opinion the right attitude, taste and originality are much more important than technical abilities and/or equipment when you start playing an instrument.
Or just let me say: Roger Waters is much more to my taste than say Jonas Hellborg ...

Thanks for your comments.

Anonymous said...

Hi friends, we glad to tell you that site "Russian rock"
works again on new place
all old materials remains the same and some super-rare new albums already added.
And your blog still in our "Links" )))
Welcome !

PS for whose who have uor link on a page, change it, please

Anonymous said...

Nice one - great compilation this. Just a quick question though - I can see there are differences in the artwork for the front and back covers - has any changes been made to the inlet artwork?

mike-floyd said...

No changes were made to the inlet artwork, only front and back covers.

redhawk55 said...

great compilation, would you mind to re-up ENDLESSENDLESSENDLESS,I like them and the ups are down.


mike-floyd said...

As soon as I'll find the time ...

vagmood said...


vagmood said...
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