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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Richard There - Who touched my bones (EP, "There" 2010) + OK, I'll do all that again (Compilation album, 2010)

RICHARD THERE is a guy from "There", who is into music since 2005. "Who touched my bones" is Richard's second regular release, recorded in February 2010.

Not an easy task to describe RICHARD THERE's music. One probably could call it dark experimental folk. Arrangements are rather sparse most of the time. The voice is very much to the fore, giving the tracks almost the quality of a poetry reading. The lyrics are sometimes personal, sometimes abstract, sometimes provoking...

Interesting piece of music!

"I'm making music since 2005 but never made an album until 2008. This first album contains the songs I made without instruments (because I didn´t have any intruments in that time but really want to make music).
... The first one is called "How many times I´ll have to die?" and can be heard here:

http://www.lastfm.de/music/Richard+there/How+many+times+I%C2%B4ll+have+to+die%3F - In my last.fm page you can also find another two releases. One called "B-sides" which was released now in 2010 and one with Cover songs released in 2009. ... I have a website where I put draws and comics I make: http://richardthere.blogspot.com/ - I think the draws and comics are pretty related with my music. There you can also find a review about the album I sent to you. ... I think that my biggest influences are Daniel Johnston, Mark E. Smith (The Fall) and Calvin Johnson. This 3 man estimulated me to make my own music. ... for this album I was inspired or influenced by The Legendary Pink Dots and by Julian Cope. This two bands were really important for this album."

(R. T.)

(music as well as comics and drawings)

Favourite track: Wesley Willis

RICHARD THERE: Who touched my bones
(EP 2010)

01 - Cat in my head

02 - Empty bed

03 - You should go on

04 - Wesley Willis

05 - In my dreams

(mp3-zip, 5 tracks, 13 min, 19,4 MB)
Get it here or here or here!

"I would like to tell you that I made a compilation album now with a selection of my music and maybe it's something for you. It's a long album and shows every direction that my music can go." (R. T.)

Some of the tracks of the compilation sampler feature a girl singer (I'm debby, who are you?; The song of the yellow girl), and the song collection shows indeed a greater variety of styles than the ep. Some songs are quite funny, others are rather strange, almost disturbing (Ignore the machine, Words) (I know - kind of a cover song, but I'll ignore that fact....)

RICHARD THERE: OK, I'll do all that again
(Compilation album, 2010)
(includes the EP above)
(mp3-zip, 25 tracks, 77 min, 140,6 MB)
Get it here or here or here!


Onaje said...

Strange guy and strange tunes. I like it!
Do you know if is he playing this songs live? And if yes where?

Richard There said...

Onaje, I´m not strange anymore... now you know me.
And I never played a concert, at least not an official one.