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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Psydentical - Lore EP (USA 2009)

PSYDENTICAL is a very interesting experimental drone/(mostly) instrumental band from Merriville, Virginia, and Chicago, Illinois. Lore is their first ep – and it is quite a promising start.

- Do you want your real names mentioned? If so: What are your real names?
jordan poff, kyle poff, glenn chan, dave seal -- we live in chicago illinois now. but are moving to merriville virginia soon. not that it really matters I guess though. ha we don't do shows yet really. kyle is in the band wrugs and a couple others im not in any others.
- How recorded??
recorded on an 8 track and then transferred to garageband and added sounds
- When recorded?
last year
- Who involved? Who played what?
we all jump around from instrument to instrument we are still trying to learn how to play different instruments -- we should probably all just stick to one though ugh.
- Any more releases?
- Since when does this band/project exist?
since last year
- Any previous bands worth mentioning?
wrugs and tropical pills
- How'd you "label" your music?
lofi homemade slurge that sounds interesting sometimes. we love it and hope someone else does.
- Influences?
riding in moving vehicles with a bunch of friends listening to really load music and eating sandwiches at the same time.
- Website, Myspace?
- Anything that you think is interesting, that you'd like to inform the blog readers about...
we named the band because me (jordan) kyle think similarly about too many things but we don't look alike. and the world is here to move around and look at and its destructive power has to be stopped. we have to grab the earth by the hair and tell it how to behave. We are totally against destroying the earth but are totally for making the earth our bitch. move and reshape the earth as much as possible without harming anything. The earth will always destroy people no matter how nice we are to it though OR how much of a ringleader we are as well. everyone should just eat a banana and shut the fuck up. don't eat any fattening foods either unless they taste really really fucking good.
(Interview via email with Jordan & Kyle)

Favourite track: Jumping Plants

(mp3-zip, 4 tracks, 18 min, 26,4 MB, front cover incl.)
Get it here or here or here!

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