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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

KRAUTOPIA presents: Bernd Witthüser & atelierTheremin live at Zodiac Berlin! 07-13-2010 *  06-09-2010: psychedelic movies evening @ Zodiac/WAU  * 

* 06-09-2010: psychedelic movies evening @ Zodiac/WAU in Berlin*



Bernd Witthueser - once a member of the Kraut-folk duo Witthueser & Westrupp between 1969 and 1973, later aka Barnelli - will give a special live performance at the Berlin Zodiac.

The debut album of the legendary duo, "Trips + Träume" ("Trips + dreams"), was released in 1971 on the today well-known german Krautrock label OHR.

Having been a (very young!) contributor to this album classic herself, journalist/ radio moderator/ columnist Renée Zucker will stop by also to have a small chat with Bernd on the Zodiac stage...

(About Bernd at english Wikipedia: www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Witthüser_&_Westrupp ).

Bernd Witthueser will also present his brand new album "Kasablanka" - available as vinyl-lp!

The atmospheric music background will be performed live once again by Zodiac hosts atelierTheremin:

mind-shattering psychedelic /neo-krautrock sounds played on strictly analog synthesizers, theremin, wave drum & cosmic delays, hawaiian steel guitar & guitarlele, voice, gloeckchen, pipes & indian shrutibox by group members Manfred Miersch, Arne Paul Neumann & Slyder Gaessler - as always with analog visuals prepared live by Hanna Zimmermann.

Where: at the WAU, legendary former/ end-60s "ZODIAC Free Arts Lab" below HAU2 at Hallesches Ufer 32/ Grossbeerenstrasse, 10963 Berlin-Kreuzberg, near U-Moeckernbruecke -

When: 07-13-2010


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