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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Jared Fairfield - The Great Boiling Atom (USA 2009)

JARED FAIRFIELD originally is from Maine and currently is living in Maine.

"I regard my music as still being very amateur and not fully evolved. I have a vague vision of what my ideal music would be, and I am still far off from it. I have come a ways though. – It would be impossible to list all the influences, but specifically while recording this (= "Past Songs"): Tyrannosaurus Rex, Gary Higgins, Syd Barrett, Love, Vashti Bunyan, Tiny Tim, among many others." (J. F.)

Jared himself describes "The Great Boiling Atom" as slightly less coherent (than "Past Songs") with more experiments in sound and in recording. I especially like the keyboard sound on "Conch" and "Ground". Listening to "The Great Boiling Atom" I especially hear a strong early Marc Bolan / Tyrannosaurus Rex influence (e.g. on "Ground" and "Queen"). Again some tracks are recorded quite lo-fi.

Only thing I have to criticise is the fact, that most of the tracks are very short and somehow rather sketchy. Some more polishing here and there would probably have made out of some already very good songs some really, really GREAT songs...


Favourite track: "Conch"


Jared Fairfield - The Great Boiling Atom (2009)

(mp3-zip, 11 tracks, 16 min, 18,6 MB)

Get it here or here or here!

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