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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Archipelago - Professional Talking (USA 2009)

"Ours is a three-piece. I go by Stitch and I play a sp404, a kp2, couple other delay pedals. I sing sometimes and play the sax and sometimes keys. Leif David sings and uses an akai headrush e2, a 2 second digitech delay, and some other delays on his vocals. 'Hogroast' Y. Land plays guitar through a whole mess of things that change depending on whats working at the moment. Again, lots of delay on him too. --- The recordings (...) are live takes recorded into my macbook via the internal mic, all done within in the past month. Leif and I have been playing around for a year or so and were joined by mr. land in July. --- We will soon be releasing our material on cassette through the Portland, Oregon label 'Gnar Tapes & Shit'. They are sincerely rad dudes. --- Leif and I previously played together in a band called Gratitillium. We also play folk tunes (he plays banjo and I play clarinet). --- We think of Archipelago as noise. Sub-categorization could go on (pointlessly) forever. Our musical influences are varied to the extent that grouping our sound with any influence would be a convolution to the understanding our music. We encourage anyone to listen and make genre assumptions for themselves. That is a main reason we decided to release this free over the internet. --- Personally, a main influence is the notion of 'derangement of the senses', cultivated and sought after by Brion Gysin, William Burroughs, and generations of noise musicians to follow. Brion Gysin's noise experiments set the wheels in motion for me to be able to make this type of music. --- http://www.myspace.com/archipelagopdx has some other stuff to enjoy." (S. H.)

ARCHIPELAGO are from Portland, Oregon, USA.

I think their music could best be described as psychedelic noise rock, though the 'noise' on tracks like 'tubes issued' e.g. is rather some kind of 'beautiful noise'. Excellent production, very clear sounding. Enjoy!

ARCHIPELAGO - Professional Talking (USA 2009)

(mp3-zip, 4 tracks, 19 min, 39,3 MB) - Get it here or here!

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