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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Catasto Elettrico - Infinite (2009)

No need to introduce those guys to you regular blog readers, since they were with us almost right from the beginning and are also featured on the 1st and 2nd HLFP-Samplers.
If improvised Canterbury Prog-Jazz-Rock and electric MILES-DAVIS-Fusion-Jazz is the thing for you, you need search no further.
This is already CATASTO ELETTRICO's eights web release, and all of them are well worth checking out. You will find some of them here on this blog, or you may visit the band's website, where all they ever did is posted for your enjoyment for free download.
Though "Infinite" is not my favourite CATASTO ELETTRICO release ("Radio" is), it is nevertheless a fantastic record. The first two tracks are more in the electric Miles or WEATHER REPORT mode, while the last song is more in an uptempo electronic style and a little bit less relaxed. Enjoy!

Catasto Elettrico - Infinite (2009)
(mp3 zip, 3 tracks, 34 min, 66,3 MB, artwork incl.)
Get it here or here!

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