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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Winter/Christmas songs (2): Anyone's Dreamcolour - Märchen im Winter (1994)

The 2nd song of my winter song collection is by ANYONE'S DREAMCOLOUR.

ANYONE'S DREAMCOLOUR - Märchen im Winter (links is dead) 

The track is taken from the strange dadaistic Opera "OPEL OPERA", though it is not really part of that longer concept piece but rather kind of an encore.

"Märchen im Winter" (= A Winter's Fairytale) is the silly story (told in german) by an unsecure narrator with strange pronounciations and even some mistakes about a snowball, who is going through some weird adventures (e.g. playing ice hockey or melting in the sun) and ending as the lover of some fake doctor who turns out to be a communist secret service agent and drug dealer... They have some children together, some chocolate drops, who later all become Zeugen Jehovas.

All the time, while Winni P., the narrator, is reading the fairy tale, you can hear someone play "Alle Jahre wieder" (a famous german christmas song) on flute (not very well) on one side of the stereo mix and a fuzz guitar soloing on the other side...

Probably more fun, if you understand german, but you might nevertheless enjoy this nonsense, digging the overall vibe...

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