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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

MCDX3 - Studio C Album Party Decade (USA 2010)

Recommended by none other than Stefan F Walz

artist statement:

"My eighth coherent solo release Studio C Album Party Decade is built on the skeleton of my first album Studio from 2007. This album started as a formal compositional project conceived to compare my studio & recording skills of 2007 with my expanded wisdom and expertise in those areas today.
Through many months of recording, re-recording, & manipulating, many of the songs on the album became quite unrecognizable from the songs they were born from and as such, new titles were given as appropriate. Some songs remain shell memories of the originals while others are almost totally new.
It is my hope that this album gives you many decades of interest."

-David McDevitt

Kind of homemade lofi experimental music.

Also latest album Violet Saliva here.

Also check out the VNR facebook here:

MCDX3 - Studio C Album Party Decade
(USA 2010)
(mp3-zip, 10 tracks, 37 min, 69,7 MB)
Get it here or here or here!


David McDevitt said...


David McDevitt said...

also latest album Violet Saliva here: