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Sunday, September 5, 2010

What's up?

The DAILY BROTHERS have just released a fine new album - listen first and then download here: http://thedailybrothers.blogspot.com/
From listening to it I may assure you, it's well worth it! Pleasant melodies, sometimes the vocals even remind me of late 70's 10 CC (whose records - at least some of them, surprise, surprise! - I like quite a lot).

Also GLAZE OF CATHEXIS – already featured very often on HLFP and so should be no stranger to you – has an album out for free download, called Underground Sound.
It's another journey into neo psychedelia, always interesting songs with a pop sensibility, well played and recorded. My personal favourite track is: Launch and Blues For a Red Planet. I always like it when the Dr. rocks! Good guitar work, by the way.
Older recordings you may want to check out here!

WONDER WHEEL played KXLU in Los Angeles recently (August 20th).

The complete video is available on:

You may also want to download the excellent audio, approximate running time: 27 minutes, (for free) there.
Great stuff!
Alex Gray from DEEP MAGIC informed me that three new deep tapes to float to (by: DEREK ROGERS, DEEP MAGIC SPLIT, GKFOES VJGOAF) are now available. Look here for more info:

I don't know if anyone around here remembers TODD PARKER or his former rock/space band TADPOLES based in NYC and Hoboken, NJ in the 90's. I have to admit I didn't know either, but anyway, TODD PARKER AND THE WITCHES have a new album out, called Greetings From The Star Chamber, and what I heard so far is absolutely stellar music! Every track's a winner – neo-psychedelia somewhere between early 70's PINK FLOYD, CHROME and mid-80's indie rock with a slight metal influence! This one is a digital-download-only release and available at http://toddparkerandthewitches.bandcamp.com/
Listen before you buy/download!
Here's an appetizer track from that album. If you like it, go and support the artists and buy that thing!
Todd: here or here or here (opening track Squigs).

Carrie Oakley is a guy who runs an internet course: "Novice to Slash: 100 Free Resources for Teaching Yourself Guitar". If that sounds interesting to you, you may have a look here: http://www.onlinecolleges.org/novice-to-slash-100-free-resources-for-teaching-yourself-guitar/
Far as I understand it, it's free. (Maybe you can teach him some English in exchange...)

If you happen to live or to spend some time in Berlin, Germany, this month, you will surely be interested in the next "Psychedelic Cinema" event, presented by neo-krautrocker band ATELIERtHEREMIN:

Date: Friday, 10 September 2010 , 8 pm

Location: Kantine am Berghain, Am Wriezener Bahnhof, 10243 Berlin-Friedrichshain / S-Ostbahnhof

Psychedelic Cinema Berlin 2010: atelierTheremin live & underground films

Following up on their successful series of events at the Babylon-Mitte movie theater in Berlin in 2007, atelierTheremin will resume the concept of combining live music with movies which are mainly SCREENED WITHOUT SOUND.

atelierTheremin, Berlins well known electronic Neo-Krautrockers, will add sound to some of the most prized gems of the 60s underground film genre, such as "Towers Open Fire" by William S. Burroughs and Anthony Balch (UK/USA 1963 - don't worry; Burroughs will be heard speaking...) and "Brain Damage" by Ira Cohen (USA 1968/2006).

This time the upcoming event takes place on the occasion of the UNERHÖRT! film festival in cooperation with ClubSpreeBerlin @ BERLIN MUSIC WEEK 2010.

Doors open 8:00pm

Admission: 8,- EUR




Psychedelic Bob over at http://mokshamusic.blogspot.com/ has posted some ultra rare ORANGE live stuff from 1994, including an interesting version of PINK FLOYD's Astronomy Domine as well as a 14 minutes plus version of one of the band's live masterpieces Draw Down the Distance.

Bob also reposted ANYONE'S DREAMCOLOUR's weird acid trip recording "Acid Daze". from 1992. Thanks, Bob!


Todd said...

Thanks for the review of Greetings From The Star Chamber! Just wanted your readers to know that we are making this available on the Bandcamp.com site for "Pay What You Want...even Free" for a limited time. Just put a "0" in the price to get the link to download it for free.I'm really interested in having psychedelically minded people check out the album. Hope you enjoy it.

All of the Tadpoles' albums can also be heard in their entirety at Bandcamp-

Dr. Schluss said...

As always, thanks for the post! Glad you dug the "Blues for a Red Planet." I like it quite well, but I was a little afraid it might come across as filler. Keep up the psychedelic work1