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Friday, August 28, 2009

Bleed Stone - Far From Gone (USA 2009)

'Far From Gone' is the debut release of BLEED STONE, the musical project of Lucas Kane who writes, records and plays all of the instruments himself in his basement on his computer "with about $100 interface through an Audix i5 microphone. Some of the tracks on the album were recorded with the shitty microphone built in to my computer. I then was able to bounce all of the tracks to 1/4 tape and had it mastered by my friend and fellow musician."

(...) "My writing process is very spontaneous and I often end in a direction I hadn't intended. For the most part, all of those songs were written and recorded within one day. A few songs were based around this glitching-malfunctioning delay pedal I have and I would tune my guitar to the glitching drone and that earthed some material. If anything, "Experimental" would make a lot of sense, but again, terms are so broad for the most part. I get so frustrated with people pinning a label on things, and then no matter how much they evolve, that same view is glued to you that was originally conceived. It's hard to play live and not have people automatically start saying things like "shoegaze" and "dream" and start comparing you to things. I'm just being bitter. I spent about 2 months mixing intently, at times finding the entire thing a waste of time. It's not easy to get quality out of 100 bucks. After the bounce to tape, I was relieved to find it made a huge difference. (...)" (L. K.)

Though it's quite understandable that Lucas doesn't like it, when his music gets labeled as "shoegazer" music (after all nobody wants to get "labeled" - though that again might be some kind of label -) it is also very easy to see why people do label it that way. Some of BLEED STONE's music has indeed everything that usually is associated with that genre... And in my opinion that isn't a bad thing at all. But tracks like 'Off To Sleep Arachnid' do have much more to offer than your average shoegaze song. Then take for example'Tomorrow's Passed' - that's a completely different story again... But so what: Nobody wants to listen to the same song again and again.
In the end it surely doesn't matter how you will call it; what counts is that this is very good music - strongly recommended!

Favoutite tracks: 'Off To Sleep Arachnid' and 'Sexplosion'

BLEED STONE will be distributing handmade boxsets of the album "Far From Gone" as well as a DVD of music videos and a CD of live recordings.

Bleed Stone - Far From Gone (Final Tape Mix) (USA 2009)
(mp3-zip, 11 tracks, 67 min, 92,8 MB, artwork incl.)
Get it here!


i just love stuff. said...

hey guys, i'm thoroughly enjoying your music. came across it on ac.org. keep makin' it, and i'll keep listenin'. -lauren

Michael Felton said...

Congratulations, Lucas. You guys played great on Friday night and I was impressed with your material. I was really shocked to see your stuff on this blog (which I frequent A LOT.) Keep up the good work.

~Michael A. Felton.

mike-floyd said...

Hope it was a pleasant shock, Michael...