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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

RE-POST: Orange - Industrial Acid Punk Rock (Live Bootleg 1994-96) (GER)

I already posted some material by this German psychedelic rock/grunge band, that existed between 1993 and 1997, and will do so in the future. Why? Because I really like that stuff.
ORANGE mainly played in the Rhein Main area around Frankfurt a. M. and also did some festivals/open airs in that region and also in south Germany - to mixed responses. They baffled quite a lot of people with their unique sound/style mixture (grunge, free style improvisation, krautrock, psych-folk, psychedelic rock, minimalistic avantgarde music...). ORANGE built themselves a small follower fan base with their always surprising live gigs (not a great number of people, but it was ok for a start). No two concerts were the same, and so one never knew what to expect from the band.

ORANGE also once won the second prize at some kind of "battle of the bands" contest with some hundred bands competitioning in Mainz at the OPEN OHR FESTIVAL in the final round. The interview segment (track 6) is about that competition, where ORANGE played - of all things - a shortened (!) 20 minutes version of "Neil's Elevator".

This live collection here features the more experimental pieces of the band with the flashlight on ORANGE's most avantgarde project, the minimalistic track "Rockwork Orange", that followed an acid punk version of"Magic Spell" (read more about the history and the many variations of that song here).

This version of "Rockwork Orange" is a composite version from two different gigs, with the long middle section coming from the debut performance of "Rockwork Orange" from Frankfurt's "Dreikönigskeller". After 40 minutes the tape run out, while the song lasted for over 60 minutes. The story goes like this:

"In the 'Dreikönigskeller' we first played a normal set with some more or less simple rock songs and then wanted to end the gig with our minimalistic piece 'Rockwork Orange'. The original idea was to play the same riff over and over again until everybody in the audience left the room or the power was cut off by the club owner - however long that might take. But most of the people in the audience really got into us and were digging what we were doing - you can hear some ecstatic screams every 15 minutes or so from some guys in the audience - and the club owner also liked what we did and even contributed on the mixing desk adding spontaniously some effects. So it all ended that we played the same riff for over 60 minutes until we called it quitts... It was indeed a very special experience for both, audience and band. Very trance like and very far out." (Mike S. 2009)

"Rockwork Orange" was played live on view occasions, but never that long again and more often in a more 'traditional' way with the guitar doing some noise solo instead of monotoniously repeating the same riff over and over again.

"He Came To Me One Morning" was improvised on the spot and is a good example of the more free style jamming ORANGE.

"25 Ways" and "Yawning" are some kind of organized improvisations, more in song format.

More ORANGE stuff is still available for download here.

ORANGE - Industrial Acid Punk Rock 
(Live Bootleg 1994-98)
(mp3 zip, 6 tracks, 73 min, 99,6 MB, artwork for slimcase incl.)
1. 25 Ways - 4.38
2. Magic Spell - 4.38 ->
3. Rockwork Orange (Composite Version) - 44.49
4. Yawning - 8.44
5. He Came To Me One Morning (Jam) - 7.39
6. SWF 3 Radio Interview (incl. fragments of Neil's Elevator) - 1.49
Get it here or here or here!

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