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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Re-Post: Manual Zombie - S. T. (HLFP Compilation) (USA 2009)

MANUAL ZOMBIE is a New York/Brooklyn-based psychedelic band (like SKY PICNIC), a duo of two guys: Ahmad and Ben. Compared to SKY PICNIC their music is more sinister and far less influenced by 60ies/70ies psychedelic rock. MANUAL ZOMBIE's sound is at least to some degree rooted in the 90ies grunge, post punk and metal sound (though on tracks like "automatic people" some Sweet-Sister-Ray-VU-Punk is greeting). I'd also say I hear some BLACK FLAG influences, and I especially love that excellent distorted guitar playing. Their other main weapon is the voice - often spooky and menacing with strange spoken word passages:This is a trip to the dark realms of psychedelia. Enjoy!

MANUAL ZOMBIE's website lists four releases, and the 9 tracks from this collection here are taken from those records (that you can buy there) except for one song that was only recorded recently.
Favourite tracks: "Automatic People" and "No More Sun"

MANUAL ZOMBIE - S. T. (HLFP Compilation)
(mp3 zip, 9 tracks, 34 min, 26 MB, art incl.)
Get it here or here or here!

INTERVIEW (June 2009):

- where exactly are you from?


- do you want your real name(s) mentioned? If so: what is your real name?
A: sure.  Ahmad.
B: Ben

- how/when recorded? (at home/equipment...)?
B: We have three albums -all recorded on my computer.

- any official releases? If so, label, record nr.?
B: We haven't really released anything officially. We try to sell cds at shows and actually got somebody to buy one last monday. 

- since when are you into music?
A: weird question but I guess I've been into music from a young age, i just took a long time to start playing.  
B: I started listening to black flag in 6th grade. Thats when I started playing bass.

- any previous bands?  
A: Coupe of denver bands that no one will ever hear of. 
B: I played bass in a band called whore nun wizard ninja. We did classic rock covers and played one show. It was terrible.

- how do you "label" your music?
A: indie-heavy, psycadelic-shoegazish rock
B: acid rock

- influences?
A: Personally: Floyd, Zep, Radiohead
B: the velvet underground, bob dylan, pink floyd, black flag, dario argento

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