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Friday, June 11, 2010

RE-UP by request: Cloud Nine & The Vitamin C - O.B.A. Vol. 5: Live in Heidelberg (GER 1989)

Part of my feature about the german psychedelic rock band CLOUD NINE & THE VITAMIN C and reposted by request. This gig was recorded in a rather small venue at an University Art Festival at the "Alte Universität", Heidelberg, May 24, 1989. It was the first time of only two occasions the band was supported by substitute drummer (and multi-instrumentalist) Daniel P. Caesar. It's a rather strong performance: the playing is well done and the sound is quite good. And it's – for better or worse – a straight forward issue, less experimental than some other performances.

Check out more CLOUD NINE & THE VITAMIN C here!

Highlights probably the blues song "Death Blues" with its arabian middle part and D. Engel's sad hommage "Sing A Song" to some of the lost heroes of the past...
(The picture shows l. to r.: Mike Schroeder: bs, voc, Dominik Engel: voc., keyb., CK: lightshow, Peter Schupp: g. – Daniel P. Caesar (dr.) is not shown.)

Official Bootleg Archives Vol. 5
(live 1989)
(mp3 zip, 13 tracks, 69 min, 94,8 MB)
1. Car Car - 3.17
2. Survivor - 9.13
3. I'm Lost - 4.43
4. Death Blues - 6.43
5. Angel Of Mine - 5.27
6. Annemarie - 4.24
7. Tracks Of My Tears - 4.58
8. Last Night (edit) - 2.40
9. -11. Jack'o'Lantern - 14.02
12. Sing A Song - 5.05
13. Black Queen - 8.07
Get it here!


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